Finding your dream caravan or motorhome

October, 18 2018

The month of October is when many campers start looking around for a (new) caravan or motorhome. You can marvel at the latest models at camping fairs both at home and abroad. The various dealers also have showrooms filled with camping equipment for the customer. But how do you find the caravan or motorhome that suits your needs? We will be happy to help you on your way!

The basis

If you are an experienced camper you probably know what you are looking for in a caravan or motorhome. You had your reasons for choosing a certain model once upon a time and you know the pros and cons from experience. That  knowledge is important when you are planning on buying a new caravan or motorhome. And yet, it won’t do  you any harm to ask about and get some information. In the camping world, innovations and trends follow each other in quick succession.

The novice caravan or motorhome camper, in particular, needs to figure out what kind of camper they are. And then of course to consider which type, make and model of camping equipment would best suit their needs. And then we are not only thinking about logistical issues such as number of people you want to go on holiday with and the layout of the camper or motorhome. Details such as the width of the corridor or the colour of the curtains also play a role in your choice.

Motorhomes at a dealer

New or second-hand

Buying a brand-new camper or motorhome is a big financial investment, but fortunately, there are many second-hand campers and motorhomes on the market. Those with adequate knowledge of camping equipment will often be able to get what they want on the second-hand market, either physically (at a dealer, for instance) or on the internet. But do be aware that if this is all new to you, you could risk ending up with a bad deal and wasting your money.

When buying a second-hand camper or motorhome you should keep the following in mind:

  • Always ask to see the warranty.
  • Make sure you check that the chassis number on paper matches the one on the chassis itself.
  • It goes without saying that you need to be wary of any damage. So, make sure you read up on the most common types of damage beforehand.

The price tag

Even when you have found your dream caravan or motorhome and agreed on the price, do beware of the additional costs. Colleague and enthusiastic camper, Anouk, wrote an extensive blog about this last November. Things to consider are maintenance, insurance and taxes. Novice campers in particular can often misjudge the additional costs on top of the purchase price. So, it’s a good idea to read her handy article again.

The Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (Copyright foto: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann)

Gain inspiration

If you are hesitating between several makes and models, then read up on them in advance. There are various camping magazines available. And if you’d prefer to see your potential dream caravan or motorhome in real life then it’s a good idea to visit a camping fair. For example the Motorhome & Caravan Show Birmingham (October 16-21). Good luck!

Jeroen Timmermans
  • Author: Jeroen Timmermans
  • From Calais to Cannes, and from Nantes to Nancy: Jeroen has definitely done his fair share of exploring in France. With his parents and his brother, he spent weeks at the most beautiful campsites in a trailer tent. Then, the family travelled around the rest of Europe in a motorhome. Now he loves his cultural city breaks. He particularly loves funiculars and cable cars.


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