10 destinations with a remarkable history (part 1)

on 31 Oct 2017

Jeroen Timmermans

Many destinations in Europe have a remarkable history. Places that have become the stage for important cultural and political events. We have drawn up a list of 10 of these destinations, all with great campsites nearby so you can enjoy a camping holiday with a healthy dose of culture and history! The first part comes this week, the second part will be available in a week or two. 1. Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (France) This castle, located slightly...

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Travelling through undiscovered Piedmont

on 29 Aug 2017

Anouk Hulsman

With over 20 regions, frequent visitors to Italy know that making a choice between them can be difficult. The big advantage is that there are still some areas that are largely undiscovered. Take the region of Piedmont in the north west, where tradition and modern life go hand in hand. We’d like to take you on a trip to this special destination. Piedmont has three geographic areas. The Alps, the Po Valley, and the hilly countryside in the...

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What should you do if you’re affected by hail damage?

on 11 Aug 2017

Anouk Hulsman

Last Wednesday, holiday makers to Lake Garda were shocked by a massive hailstorm. Hailstones as big as golf balls fell from the sky. There were no reports of casualties, but the damage caused to cars, caravans, and motorhomes will cost a pretty penny. Is there anything you can do to prevent or limit damage caused by hailstorms? Here are a few tips. Nothing is as fickle as the weather. You might hope that the sun will shine for your whole...

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