Long story short: Andalusia – Júzcar

on 31 Aug 2018

In our ‘Long Story Short’ series, we’ll choose a different interesting region to focus on each time. Sanne and Michèle are visiting some of the most beautiful places on their trip through Andalusia in Spain. After Ronda, Córdoba and El Torcal de Antequera, it’s now the turn of Júzcar, a truly unique spot. Júzcar is also known as the blue or ‘smurf’ village. We’d already heard of the blue city of...

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3 x culture trips in the sunny south

on 31 Jul 2018

A train station full of mosaics, a monastery built thanks to the spice trade, and markets that most closely resemble open-air theatres…Valencia, Lisbon and Florence are full of cultural gems, just waiting for you to visit! Valencia – Spain This city is a cultural hotspot where it’s almost impossible to be bored. One of the places you really need to see while you’re there is both useful and beautiful: the Estación del...

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Long story short: Andalusia – El Torcal de Antequera

on 28 Jul 2018

In our series ‘Long story short’ we highlight a different interesting region with a short article each time. Sanne and Michèle’s trip takes them to some of the most beautiful parts of Andalusia. This time they discovered the wonderful El Torcal de Antequera nature reserve. On the way to the famous Caminito del Rey hiking trail, we discovered that it was closed this Monday. We were expecting company and couldn’t stay...

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Long story short: Andalusia – Ronda

on 4 Jul 2018

In our ‘Long story short’ series, we’ll choose a different interesting region to focus on each time. In the first edition, we wrote about some of the cities that Sanne and Michèle visited during their road trip in Andalusia. After Córdoba, it’s time for our second stop: Ronda! Ronda may be smaller than Córdoba, but everyone’s heard of it. A historic place that is best known for the huge cliff that goes right...

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Long story short: Andalusia – Córdoba

on 19 Jun 2018

Our ‘Long story short’ series will highlight one interesting region at a time with a short article. We’ll kick the series off with a few cities that Sanne and Michèle visited in Andalucía on their road trip. First stop: Córdoba! Córdoba is a city full of character, and is famous for the Mezquita. The Mezquita used to be a mosque, and now serves as a cathedral. It’s even on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its...

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This is how you go on a haphazardly road trip through Europe!

on 13 Jun 2018

We are Michèle (26) and Sanne (21). Since November 2017, we have been travelling and discovering Europe in our blue Volkswagen T4, called ‘Stitch’. Our journey is about discovering the places that we visit, ourselves and the camping lifestyle. We are slowly getting to know the different sides of ‘van life’, and we’re happy to share them with you. And we made our biggest mistake before we even set off.

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