History, museums, and cocktails – great tips for visiting Amsterdam

on 7 Oct 2019

Marieke Krämer

Amsterdam is a fantastic destination for a city break in Europe. In the Dutch capital you will find a plethora of unique museums (including some bizarre ones) and just walking around the city with its canals and historic buildings is an experience in and of itself. Amsterdam is a vibrant city that also lives and breathes history. Whether it’s your first or fifth visit to Amsterdam, there’s always something new to discover. We’ve put together a list of must-do’s to inspire your next trip, including some lesser-known sights.

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Which bird is sitting in front of your tent?

on 21 Jun 2018

Joyce Broekhuis

You can hear birds in your back garden, outside in the park but probably best of all around your camping pitch. And you ask yourself, what could be better than to hear the cheerful tweeting of birds as you step out of your tent in the morning? But can you tell a starling from a blackbird? And how do you make sure that the feathered friend does not fly away if you get too close? A bird’s eye refresher course. Become a bird-spotter in 6 steps 1....

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5 great apps for outdoor adventures

on 16 Jun 2018

Joyce Broekhuis

You might have spotted a survey on Facebook last week: do you use your smartphone when you head into the great outdoors? And it turns out – more than 80% of you do! You can use these five apps to make your outdoor adventures even more fun! 1. Geocaching: time for a treasure hunt! All over the world, there are small, hidden treasure chests to find. Following directions in the app, GPS coordinates, and wearing a good pair of walking shoes,...

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barefoot paths

The 5 best barefoot paths in the Netherlands

on 13 Jun 2018

Jeroen Timmermans

Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Or even did it already? Walking barefoot through the countryside. And not on the beach, but in more interesting places, like a meadow, a mud pool or a forest. It’s possible in many parts of the Netherlands. These barefoot paths are clean and safe, perfect for exploring the world barefoot. And there are plenty of paths you can discover that have a nice, small-scale campsite nearby. A fun and healthy day...

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Camping and bird spotting: 4 hotspots in Europe

on 7 Jun 2018

Joyce Broekhuis

Don’t forget to pack your binoculars and your camera: we’re going bird spotting! There’s a huge range of different birds in Europe. And when better to enjoy spotting them than when you’re on holiday? Below we list four top destinations where you can discover interesting birds and stay at great campsites. 1. Vogeleiland (Bird Island) It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but we can assure you that it’s a real...

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Get the caravan out of storage

on 11 Apr 2018


Has your caravan or motorhome spent the winter months in storage? Then the time has come to get it back out. It is spring, after all, and we can be sure that sunshine is just around the corner. But how can you get your caravan in tip-top shape before the year’s first camping trip? We have some tips for you. Spring cleaning When your caravan first emerges from hibernation, it’s a good idea to check what kind of condition it’s...

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