5 great apps for outdoor adventures

June, 16 2018

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You might have spotted a survey on Facebook last week: do you use your smartphone when you head into the great outdoors? And it turns out – more than 80% of you do! You can use these five apps to make your outdoor adventures even more fun!

1. Geocaching: time for a treasure hunt!

All over the world, there are small, hidden treasure chests to find. Following directions in the app, GPS coordinates, and wearing a good pair of walking shoes, you can discover them for yourself. Found the treasure? Then sign the logbook and leave a little something behind for the next treasure hunter.

Free | iPhone en Android

2. Where have you been?

Runkeeper is handy for runners, but also keen walkers. This app will let you know your speed, distance, time, and even how many calories you’ve burned. And you can use the map to see the route you’ve walked. And – as one of our Facebook followers commented – you’ll easily be able to find where you parked your car!

Free | iPhone en Android

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3. Stargazing

Enjoy looking up at the stars in the evening next to your tent or caravan? Try pointing your smartphone up at the sky. With the Star Walk 2 app, you’ll discover if you’re looking at a planet or a star. And with augmented reality, stargazing will be even more impressive.

Free | iPhone en Android

4. Quickly and easily find great little campsites

Looking for your next small, cosy campsite, or looking for a motor home pitch nearby? You’ll find more than 2,000 inspected campsites throughout Europe in the ACSI Great Little Campsites app. And you can use it offline too. That’s really practical when you’re on an adventure in the middle of nowhere and want to find the nearest campsite.

€2.99 (+ €5 voor 9.000+ motor home pitches) | iPhone, Android en Windows 10

5. Recognize the trees

Interested to know the name of the tree you just walked past, or the one at your campsite? You can use Leafsnap UK to find out – there are 156 trees covered in the app. Take a photo of one of the leaves, and the app will tell you what tree it belongs to. You can collect, label and register the trees you find on the map.

Free| iPhone

Which apps do you use when you head into the great outdoors? Let us know below.

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  • Author: Joyce Broekhuis
  • As a child, Joyce travelled with her family and trailer tent to France every year. These days, she travels throughout Europe with her tent, looking for small, intimate campsites. Her favourite campsites are those in beautiful nature reserves or close to interesting towns and cities.


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