5 Reasons to Go Camping in the Winter in Spain

February, 20 2018

Spain is an ideal place to pick for your next camping holiday this winter. The climate is never less than pleasantly temperate, the countryside is beautiful, and there’s a great range of facilities anywhere to suit any kind of camping style. With a range of different areas to enjoy, there are lots here that the avid camper will enjoy.

Fine Weather All Year Round

Spain has a lovely temperate climate, that never gets so cold as to make camping a frightening prospect. You can camp in the winter and still not have to worry about freezing temperatures and pouring rain. If, however, you like nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your tent with a flask of something hot while it’s a bit nippy outside, then the northern part of Spain has slightly chiller temperatures. If you want to go where it’s warmest, head for the South, where temperatures get nice and hot.

Great Savings

One of the smart things about winter camping is that the various costs associated with this pastime are usually a good deal cheaper at this time of year. Particularly with regards to Spain, which is a country associated with summertime holidaying, you could be looking at big reductions across the board. There’ll be lots of opportunities to save money on campsite fees you might encounter. It’s the smart way to camp, and will also leave you with extra space at any campsites or caravan parks you might encounter.

A Choice of Surroundings

Depending on what kind of camping you want to get up to, or what kind of environment you’re happiest in, Spain has a rich selection of different areas to explore. The Pyrenees offer forests and mountains to explore, with truly stunning views of Spain and the Mediterranean wherever you turn. If you want a more arid and dry environment, you can make your way to Seville or Catalonia and enjoy the cool desert surroundings with their haunting beauty. It really is your choice how to proceed.

The Pyrenees offer forests and mountains to explore

Easy Connections

Getting around in Spain couldn’t be any easier. Spanish roads are well thought out and completely straightforward to navigate. They also offer some of the most awe-inspiring and scenic drives in Europe, so that just motoring to your destination can feel like a holiday in itself. Spain has a very tourist-centric economy, so the ease of travel around the country is amongst the best you’re likely to find anywhere on the continent.

Spanish roads are well thought out and completely straightforward to navigate

Great Facilities

Spain has been a popular enough camping destination for a sufficient time for the infrastructure to have become quite developed around this pastime. There are lots of sites placed all around the country, particularly in proximity to areas of natural beauty, that make it easy to navigate for campers of any age and experience. If you’re planning on caravaning your trip, you’ll find ample sites laid by with low overheads, especially in winter. These sites have plenty of modern conveniences, so if you don’t want to go the full “Wild Man of Borneo”, back to nature experience, it’s perfectly possible to have a more relaxed and comfortable stay in any one of these facilities. Need some inspiration?

Spain has something to enjoy, also during the winter

Fantastic Culture

Spain is a country where there’s always a celebration around the corner. The locals are a famously friendly bunch, comprising communities who put an emphasis on having a good time where the only thing they take seriously is their relaxation. Villages are likely to have food and drink events in the evenings where anyone can get involved, and there are great events in the countryside like Vuelta bike races where anyone can come and enjoy the action. Whatever your preference, Spain has something to enjoy, also during the winter.

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  • Author: Nika Goddard
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