Seven tips for privacy at a campsite

July, 4 2022

Camping is ultimate freedom! There’s nothing nicer than pitching your tent, caravan or motorhome at a spot by a lake, in a forest or in the mountains. But in the high season in particular, it can get busy and noisy at large campsites. When that’s the case, the walls of caravans, tents and motorhomes offer little protection against noise pollution or nosey neighbours. Fortunately, you can do something about that. With these seven tips, you can ensure you have the greatest possible amount of privacy at a campsite.

Not all camping holidays are the same. Keep that in the back of your mind when planning your holiday. After all, there is a big difference between camping at small campsites in the unspoiled countryside or taking the children to a popular campsite with a large leisure pool in the high season. It terms of privacy, it is all about good planning. Depending on your preferences, you will need to take more or less preventative measures. What you can do about privacy at a campsite. I am more than happy to give you a few tips.

1. Book a campsite for people who like peace and quiet

Privacy at small camping pitches

You have plenty of privacy at the small Camping Erfgoed de Boemerang in Drenthe.

When you are looking for quiet and privacy, it’s harder to go camping spontaneously. In the high season in particular, it’s worth searching and booking in advance. So, before going on holiday see which campsite meets your wishes. There are vast differences, for example in the size or location of the campsites. You can find almost 10,000 campsites across Europe on There are themes for walkers, for campers with dogs or for those who like small campsites. It is best to search specifically for a campsite that emphasises quiet and privacy. Campsites with a lot of privacy usually have more space between the pitches. That enables you to avoid inquisitive glances from the neighbours or loud background noise when you want to sleep at night.

2. Camping at the right place at the right time

Privacy during a winter camping holiday

You can also go camping in the winter at the small Camping Brunner am See in Carinthia.

Even at campsites which are reasonably quiet, it can get busy during the high season. If you really value privacy, it’s better to travel in the low season or go to less popular regions. By avoiding mass tourism, you can get more peace and quiet and thus more privacy at a campsite. Furthermore, with the right equipment, camping in the colder seasons can also be a great experience. At some camping pitches, you will be almost alone. Enjoy the countryside, the peace and quiet and the feeling of freedom!

Camping in the low season is not only quieter, but also cheaper. ACSI, for example, has the CampingCard ACSI discount card. With this discount card you can go camping in the low season for up to 60% cheaper at over 3,000 campsites. On presenting a valid discount card, two people can spend the night at one of the six fixed low rates per night. If you would like more information about the participating campsites, visit the CampingCard website.

3. Glamping for (more) space and luxury


You can go glamping in the forest at Camping Huttopia Rambouillet, 50 km southwest of Paris.

If you like to spend your holiday in luxury, choose glamping. When you pick glamping accommodation, you can enjoy plenty of privacy. You will have your own toilet and washing facilities, plenty of space and enough distance from your neighbours. If you hire a luxury mobile home, you can also enjoy solid walls instead of tarpaulin. If you would like to know about the available options, see the campsites with glamping accommodation here.

4. Flexible protection against people looking in and noise at the campsite

Motor home privacy screen

Trees and awnings provide privacy at a campsite

If you would rather go camping in a tent or with your own camping equipment, then you can always take measures to ensure you have more privacy. In theory, anything that is flexible and can be attached and detached is suitable. Opt for a sun screen or roller blinds if you have a motorhome or caravan, or use awnings, a screen or wind screen. It’s a great way to create a more private atmosphere. You will be able to eat outside in peace, for example.

If you would like more privacy inside for yourself and travelling companions, special partition walls will provide more peace and quiet. You can add sound proofing by insulating your motor home or caravan. One way to do that is by covering the cabin doors with insulation material. It does require a little bit of skill but it is easy enough to do. And in the end, you will all benefit: you, your travelling companions and your neighbours.

Campsites with privacy

5. A pitch with private toilet and washing facilities

If you value going camping in your own caravan or tent but are less keen on campsite toilet and washing facilities, hire a camping pitch with a private toilet and washing facilities. You can find various campsites in Europe where you can book a pitch with private toilet and washing facilities on Your own shower, toilet and wash basin means no hassle and no queues. You will be able to enjoy that real camping feeling without having to sacrifice privacy!

6. More privacy through vegetation

Privacy while camping

The pitches are separated by hedges at Camping Petrushoeve in Limburg, the Netherlands.

If you often think ‘Peace and quiet at the camping pitch means peace and quiet in your head?’ then choose a campsite with demarcated pitches. Many campsites separate the pitches with hedges or other vegetation, for example. On, you can see whether the pitches are separated in the photos. Furthermore, campsites in forests often have natural partitions. You can find more information in the campsite’s description. You can of course also call the campsite and ask if you can reserve a demarcated pitch.

If you have a fixed camping pitch, then you have more options when it comes to partitions. After all, you have your own pitch that you can set up according to your own taste. You could opt for a privacy screen or sound-proofing curtain. And if you are a bit of a DIY-er, you could build your own privacy screen. Then you can eat, relax, etc. without being noticed. Make sure the system you instal can be removed easily and does not damage the camping pitch.

7. A camping pitch away from the crowds

Camping by a lake

You can book a pitch on the riverbank at Camping Le Prahay in Belgium.

Finally, the right pitch is important, no matter how long you will be staying at the campsite. Pick a camping pitch away from the toilet and washing facilities, playgrounds or restaurant. Then you can avoid the comings and goings of other campsite guests. If you want to be sure of a quiet pitch, book as early as possible. If the campsite is not fully booked yet, you can often pass on your preference for a camping pitch. Ask about this at the campsite. If that is not possible, you could ask reception if they have a quieter pitch available. You may get lucky and be allocated a new pitch. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Do you have any tips for campsites with plenty of privacy?

  • Author: Lisa
  • Lisa is zo ongeveer opgegroeid op de camping. Pas toen zij midden twintig was en haar vriend Max ontmoette, besefte zij niet iedereen kampeert. Dankzij de nodige portie geduld en wat handige kampeerstrategieën reizen ze nu samen naar campings in heel Europa. Vooral Zuid-Frankrijk en Denemarken zijn favoriet.


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