8x countryside camping with a fantastic view

September, 22 2017

We hear the same message over and over, that the best place to unwind is the countryside. Perhaps it’s the leaves, the plants or just the singing birds and buzzing bees… who can say? For me, an irresistible view is what makes a place relaxing. I’ve put together a selection of countryside campsites with panoramas to die for.

Camping in the most beautiful landscapes, far away from everyday chaos, countryside campsites are as good for your health as they are for your happiness. No busy roads, no cramped streets.

Fantastic view

Relax in a comfortable camping chair or your awning and enjoy the unending countryside until you feel a sense of freedom and happiness and new, fresh energy flowing through your veins. There are no noisy campsite restaurants or swimming pools, your front garden and back garden are the countryside and it’s just waiting to be discovered! If space and privacy are what you need, you couldn’t do better than a countryside campsite.

What is your favourite environment?

Everyone has a preference. Are the Alpine peaks of Switzerland your idea of relaxation, or do you prefer the wooded valleys of Germany? Perhaps a peaceful lake, or maybe the wild of the sea is the ultimate sense of freedom?

Campsites in the beautiful countryside are great for staring off into the distance, but are equally as perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or paragliding and, where there’s water, for canoeing, rowing, windsurfing or fishing. Perfect for the adventure lovers amongst us nature enthusiasts!
Relaxing in nature

Specific campsite requirements

Another benefit of countryside campsites is the tendency towards sustainable practices. An environmentally aware campsite will opt for green energy, solar panels for heating a swimming pool or FSC-certified wood for its accommodation units or communal buildings like toilet blocks. By choosing one of these campsites, you are camping responsibly and keeping your ecological footprint as small as possible.

Did you know that if you go to Eurocamping.eu, you can search for features such as ‘panorama’, ‘eco campsite’ or ‘small campsite’. Below you will find a few personal tips for campsites in the heart of the countryside, all with fantastic far-reaching views:

1. Roselands Carav. & Camping Park in England

One of the most beautifully located ACSI campsites is the small Roselands Caravan & Camping Park in Cornwall, South-West England, just a kilometre from beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Certain spots along the coast offer fantastic views from the rocks way off into the distance, the perfect locations for a few Instagram-worthy shots! Stroll along the coastline or take a chair and just sit and enjoy!
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2. Campsite Zur Mühle in Germany

A small and cosy campsite in Wolfach in Germany in the heart of the dense Black Forest. The camping pitches are situated on a mountain slope, giving you great views of the green valley and the rolling landscape. There are a variety of different hiking routes around the campsite, giving you unfettered access to the countryside.
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3. Campsite Bled ***** in Slovenia

Lake Bled

This Slovenian campsite is separated from Lake Bled by nothing more than a quiet road and you can enjoy beautiful vistas of the blue waters, green forests and mountain tops from the water’s edge The centre of the lake is home to an island featuring a 9th century church with a fairytale-like appearance. This campsite in the Julian Alps is well deserving of its place in this list of the best countryside campsites.
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4. Oppmyre Camping in Norway

Oppmyre Camping is located way up in the northern latitudes on Langøya island, one of the beautiful islands of the Vesterålen archipelago. You will camp on a delightful bay close to the resort of Myre. The views are pure paradise and the deserted, untamed nature of the environment gives a true feeling of space. Encircled by mountains, fjords, sea and a scattering of coloured houses, there’s no better place to relax.
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5. Campsite Azun Nature *** in France

Camping Azun Nature

Azun Nature *** adds ‘Nature’ to its name for good reason, as everything on this campsite is as natural as it comes. Starting with its peaceful location, at the heart of the Pyrenees, nestled amongst the mountains at the heart of a stunning natural environment. The views of the surrounding countryside are just as good in the winter as the summer, especially when the clouds hang a little lower, creating mysterious patterns along the mountain chains.
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6. Campsite Björklund Båtslip ** in Finland

This intimate campsite enjoys a delightful spot in the Finnish archipelago. The large, inhabited islands are linked by bridges, dykes and ferry services. Camping Björklund Båtslip ** on the island of Hinnskär can only be reached by ferry. You can of course hire your own boat too! From the campsite, which is situated on the harbour, you can enjoy beautiful views of the water in the archipelago, a wonderful feeling! The island is the perfect base for hiking, cycling, canoeing and whale watching!
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7. Campsite Les Grangettes **** in Switzerland

Campsite Les Grangettes **** enjoys a unique spot in a nature reserve on Lake Geneva. With mountains on one side, this hospitable campsite offers truly breath-taking views of the Swiss lake. It’s so close that you can walk straight into the lake from the site, perfect for swimming on warm days. In colder months, the area around the campsite is rich in skiing and snowboarding opportunities, or for a more relaxed holiday, just sip a nice drink and enjoy the snow-capped peaks.
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8. Campsite Lago Delle Fate ** in Italy

Lago Delle Fate

The final enchanting destination with an equally enchanting panorama is campsite Lago Delle Fate ** (Fairies’ Lake), named after the mystical figures. The real name of the lake is Lago Mergozzo, a small, beautiful, peaceful lake in northern Italy, close to the well-known and more bustling Lake Maggiore. The panorama can only be described as majestic, the clear waters of the lake against the green mountain tops. Holidaying as holidaying should be!
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  • Author: Jana van de Ven
  • Jana's love of travel started in the back seat of the car, on the way to the campsite as a child. New worlds emerged on the other side of the window, and she wanted to see more of them. And so she did. Jana still loves packing her camping gear: that's where many of her adventures began.


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