Hygienic and comfortable: camping with private sanitary facilities

May, 11 2020

With a toilet roll walking under your arm to the toilet block. Maybe even at night! It’s probably the most famous camping clique there is. But of course that doesn’t have to be reality. For example, on a campsite with private sanitary facilities! There you have your own shower, toilet and washbasin at your campsite. That not only saves you waiting for your turn, you also keep control of the hygiene. Because no matter how nice the neighbours are, you don’t have to share everything!

Op Camping De Pampel kun je kamperen met privé-sanitair

At Camping De Pampel you can camp with private sanitary facilities

Advantages and disadvantages of a campsite with private sanitary facilities

From nothing more than a hole in the ground to beautifully maintained toilet blocks that many hotels envies. The experienced camper has seen it all. And although some like luxury more than others, hygiene is always a big plus. If you have the toilet and shower all to yourself, you will definitely keep things a lot cleaner.

Your own sanitar is not only more hygienic, it also offers more comfort. After a day on the beach or another outing, you immediately dive under your own shower. Without waiting and for as long as you want. Afterwards you freshen up quietly at the sink and continue the day relaxed. Even during a visit to the toilet you are not waiting for your turn. Very nice! And do you have a partner without camping experience who is horrified by the idea of shared sanitary facilities? This extra bit of comfort can convince him or her to go camping.

There may also be disadvantages. To start with, you usually pay more for a spot with private sanitary facilities. In addition, the public areas are cleaned by the campsite staff. On a pitch with private sanitary facilities, you may be responsible for this yourself. And somebody just gone for ‘number two’? Then you can’t just quickly find another booth. Are you camping with the whole family and does everyone want to take a shower after a day at the seaside? Then you still have to wait for your turn or swerve to the general sanitary facilities.

Comfort in all shapes and sizes

Het privé-sanitair op Camping Klein Canada

The private sanitary facilities at Camping Klein Canada, all in style with the red maple leaf.

Private sanitary facilities come in all shapes and sizes. In an accommodation such as a mobile home, a private toilet and shower are regularly included. But there are also possibilities if you travel with your own camping equipment. Several campsites have pitches with their own sanitary facilities. It is also sometimes possible to reserve a part of the sanitary building.

Check in advance which facilities are included with the private sanitary facilities, so you know what you will get. There are spacious cabins with a separate shower and toilet and sometimes even with a bath. But there are also small cabins where it is fit and measure. Moreover, after taking a shower, a small cabin can become quite humid.

How do you find a campsite with private sanitary facilities?

Do you like camping with the comfort of your own shower and toilet? Then take a look at all campsites with private sanitary facilities or use the ‘advanced search‘ function on Eurocampings.nl. Keep in mind that in this overview you will find the simple as well as the most luxurious options.

Ask the campsite in advance what you can expect from the sanitary facilities. And be on time with your booking, pitches with private sanitary facilities are often limited. At the time of corona it is extra important to contact the campsite in advance. Whether or not you can use private sanitary facilities depends on the current rules and facilities available.

Even more comfort on your camping holiday

Fond of the outdoors, but can’t the stay be comfortable enough for you? On a glamping holiday you will experience ultimate luxury.

Campsites with private sanitary facilities

Campsites with private sanitary facilities in the Netherlands

What are your experiences with private sanitary facilities at the campsite? And do you have a tip for extra comfort or hygiene on holiday? Let us hear it below, we are very curious!

  • Author: Tom Haze
  • Tom has been camping since he was a toddler, holidaying in countries like Spain, France and Norway. He has a passion for nature and loves action and variety. Tom loves sharing his enthusiasm for camping and rarely travels without his guitar and specialty coffee.


  1. I don’t see the problem with campsites opening if your own unit has a shower and WC and the site has water + drainage and electric on individual emplacements most site have a good distance between emplacements,this way your keeping separate from other campers no need to use comuinual facilities

    • Camp sites should only take outfits that are self contained. That way there is no need for people to come into contact with each other.

      • Tony you talk shite

  2. Completely agree!

    For those with motorhomes, we are self sufficient, why can’t we sit in a campsite away from others? 🙁

    • Caravans are also self contained. We have all we need. Large bathroom, central heating if needed.

  3. I’m sure campsites will be open before long and as long as we have our own sanitation and are sensible there will be no problems.

  4. You people don’t get it do you. We are over 70 and live in Cornwall,we have a touring caravan,we also miss our travels whether its the South of France where we go every year or the north of Wales.
    You MAY bring the virus with you, you WILL add to the supermarket queues, you MAY impact on our already stretched and limited NHS facilities.
    When this is over we will welcome you back but for now we don’t want you, STAY AWAY please

    • You really don’t get it do you. Narrow minded and nimby. If you are not feeling well you stay at home. If you are healthy then you can travel. What about the thousands of people who rely on tourists. If you feel uncomfortable do t join the party!

  5. Well said Tony, unfortunately this world seems to be more about me. Today the figures I believe are over 350, plus the people they have come into contact with before knowing they have the virus, just think how many people that is. Some of those could be caravan or motorhome owners, it soon spreads. Yes we have also cancelled our holiday.


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