Five must-have camping gadgets

October, 16 2018

Sometimes you see inventions that make you think: why didn’t I think of that? They make life simpler or more fun and therefore a lot more pleasant; and that’s exactly what these five handy camping gadgets do. Real must-haves for the avid camper!

1. Wash your cares away with the Laundreez!

Bringing mountains of clothes is not an option when you are travelling, so it is useful if you can occasionally wash your clothes on site. The Laundreez ‘washing machine’ is so small that it fits in a backpack, so your motorhome, tent or caravan should definitely have a place for it. Put your clothes in this waterproof bag together with water and detergent, close it securely with the cap and shake it! Yes, it is that simple.


Do laundry in the Laundreez

2. Portable solar panels

During a holiday in nature you may not have access to electricity everywhere. Don’t worry! With portable solar panels you just use nature to charge your devices. Before you buy them, please list your requirements. Do the solar panels have to be lightweight so you can use them on a long hike? Can you attach the panels conveniently to something? How many outputs are there on the panel? Can you charge all your devices with the solar panel? Plenty of choice!

Portable solar panels

Use nature to charge your devices with portable solar panels.

3. Spark(r) a light

The Sparkr kills two birds with one stone. This tool provides you with a torch as well as a fire maker when you go on an adventurous journey. Ideal because of course you want to carry as few things as possible. You can also hang it up as a lantern with the handy cord that comes with it.


Make light and fire with the Sparkr.

4. Under pressure: the Helio Pressure Shower

Would you like to have a nice shower wherever you want? That’s a luxury the adventurous camper doesn’t always have. The Helio Pressure Shower is a portable shower for when you’re on the road. This handy device consists of a water tank, a pressure pump and a hose plus shower head that you can use to rinse yourself off after a day at the beach or during an intensive trip. Or you can use it to rinse off the dog,  or do the washing up. A big advantage: unlike many camping showers, the Helio Pressure Shower does not need to be hung up anywhere. You can just put it on the ground!

camping gadgets

A portable shower on the go.

5. Catch that spider

While camping you will of course enjoy the local flora and fauna. Very nice, those pine trees or squirrels. But insects… we’re a little less charmed by them, especially spiders. With a spider-catcher you can remove spiders and other creepy critters from a distance and in an animal-friendly way. We can once again sleep peacefully.

Spider catcher

Catch spiders from a safe distance.

Do you know any cool or handy camping gadgets that every camper should have? Feel free to leave your tip(s) in the comments.

  • Author: Claudia de Vries
  • Claudia loves travelling. Whether it is close to home or far away: as long as the destination has plenty to see in terms of culture, history or nature. One of her favourite destinations is London. Well, Great Britain as a whole really. A dream trip that will hopefully soon be fulfilled is a tour of Scotland.

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  1. Washing clothes while off-grid is relatively easy – it’s rinsing them that is the problem! You need so much water.


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