Long story short: Andalusia – Ronda

July, 4 2018

In our ‘Long story short’ series, we’ll choose a different interesting region to focus on each time. In the first edition, we wrote about some of the cities that Sanne and Michèle visited during their road trip in Andalusia. After Córdoba, it’s time for our second stop: Ronda!

Ronda may be smaller than Córdoba, but everyone’s heard of it. A historic place that is best known for the huge cliff that goes right through the middle of it. We’d only heard the name before, but we didn’t think we’d enjoy the city as much as we did! Close to the famous cliff, there’s a park with a wonderful view over the surrounding countryside. There’s also another park nearby with lots of different plants, and the old city walls.


We enjoyed a cooling Sangria on a little terrace, and enjoyed the winter sunshine. There’s a cave close to the city called Cueva del Gato. It’s very popular in the high season, but we were lucky, and found it lovely and quiet. On our search for a shower, we decided to take a dip in the cool water in the cave. It was ice cold, but a great experience. The water comes from the other side of the mountain, streams through the caves, and then finds its way to the outside world at this cave.

Campsites near Ronda:

Does camping near this impressive city sound like something for you? Or do you have any tips for activities nearby? Let us know!

Michèle & Sanne
  • Author: Michèle & Sanne
  • Michèle (26) & Sanne (21), dat zijn wij. Sinds november 2017 reizen we rond in onze blauwe Volkswagen T4, genaamd Stitch, en ontdekken we Europa. Onderweg leren we over de plaatsen die we bezoeken, onszelf en het kampeerleven. Stukje bij beetje raken we bekend met allerlei aspecten van the vanlife die we graag met jullie delen.


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