Long story short: Andalusia – Córdoba

June, 19 2018

Our ‘Long story short’ series will highlight one interesting region at a time with a short article. We’ll kick the series off with a few cities that Sanne and Michèle visited in Andalucía on their road trip. First stop: Córdoba!


Córdoba is a city full of character, and is famous for the Mezquita. The Mezquita used to be a mosque, and now serves as a cathedral. It’s even on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its history. You can wander amongst the 860 brightly-coloured columns in the place of worship, and take a look in the clock towers too. There’s an amazing view of Córdoba from the top of the clock towers.

Tip: If you visit the Mezquita before 8:30 am, you don’t need to pay the entrance fee.

Medina Alzahara

You’ll find a number of free museums in Córdoba – perfect for getting to know the city without spending any money. We visited the Flamenco museum, the archaeological museum and the Roman bridge. A scene from ‘Game of Thrones’ was filmed here. Just outside the city is the Medina Azahara. Here you’ll find the ruins of an ancient Arabic city. Entry is free for EU citizens. The signs will help you find your way around, and the film will help you imagine what it used to look like. The Castillo de Almodóvar del Rio is not far from the Medina. It’s an impressive castle that was also used for ‘Game of Thrones’. Unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside because it was closed when we visited, but even seeing the outside made it worth the visit.

Campsites near Córdoba

Michèle & Sanne
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