Motorhome route through Norway – 9 unique places

July, 7 2020

Norway is a fantastic country for all camping enthusiasts. It boasts beautiful fjords, impressive mountain landscapes and a rich history. The size of the country makes it not easy to explore within one holiday. That is why many campers choose a tour of Southern Norway as an introduction to the country. We have put together a beautiful motorhome route that leads past 9 special places and sights in Southern Norway.

Best travel time for Southern Norway

You will find some of the most famous sights of the country in Southern Norway. This part of the country is also fairly easy to reach. The best travel period is in and around summer: from May to September, with July and August being the most popular months. In summer the days are long and it is nice and sunny. Southern Norway in summer can easily be 25 degrees or warmer.

Rocky coast near Lindesnes with the lighthouse in the background

Rocky coast near Lindesnes with the lighthouse in the background

The motorhome route

The motorhome route is shown in the map below. We will tell you more about nine selected places on this route. But of course there is much more to see along the way! The route through Southern Norway should take you about two to three weeks. The white dots are the stops we describe and the moons are our campsite suggestions. From Stavanger it is about a 250 kilometer drive to Kristiansand. This is where you can take the ferry back to Denmark after your round trip.

The motorhome route through Norway on the map

The motorhome route through Norway on the map.

By ferry to Norway: how do you travel and what does it cost?

Norway is easiest to reach via Denmark, with a direct ferry connection or via Sweden. For this route we recommend the crossing from Denmark. You then take the ferry from Hirtshals in northern Denmark to Langesund in southern Norway. This is the quickest and cheapest option and on the way you will also get to know Denmark. For the crossing you pay about € 200 depending on your vehicle and your choice for a cabin or not. After about 4.5 hours sailing you will arrive in the harbour of Langesund. There we start our roundtrip through southern Norway!

More info: can be found on the website of Visit Norway. Take a look at the travel possibilities, ferry companies and prices. You can also book your ferry ticket to Norway here.

Camping tip: The starting point of our motorhome route is Langesund, a small town about 170 kilometres south of Oslo. If you want to spend a few days here, Rognstranda Camping is recommended. This campsite is beautifully situated in nature and yet close to Langesund.

1. Book city Tvedestrand

From Langesund we drive to our first destination, the ‘book city’ Tvedestrand. This town lives up to its nameas there are bookstores everywhere. Bookworms can discover more than 300.00 books here. But even if you’re not an avid reader, Tvedestrand is a charming town to discover.

Campsite tip: Marivold Camping near Grimstad

2. Skerries in Lillesand and the cosy harbour of Kristiansand

The next destination is the small harbour town of Lillesand. This is the ‘little brother’ of the city of Kristiansand, about twenty kilometres to the east. Near Lillesand you’ll find so-called skerries, small rocky islands that were created during the last ice age.

Kristiansand is the capital of Southern Norway and the southernmost city in Norway. Walk along colorful wooden houses, sandy beaches and a cozy harbor. Especially on sunny days, this port with its numerous canals is popular, boasting nice shops, boutiques and cafes. Perfect for enjoying the sun with a cup of coffee!

A bridge over one of the canals in Kristiansand.

A bridge over one of the canals in Kristiansand.

3. The Lighthouse of Lindesnes

We travel further to Lindesnes, a small town on the southernmost tip of Norway. A famous sight is the Lindesnes lighthouse (Lindesnes fyr). This is the oldest lighthouse in Norway: it was inaugurated in 1655. Definitely worth a visit, also because of the beautiful landscape and view over the sea.

Extra tip: Don’t feel like cooking, but would like a special experience? Then book a place in the underwater restaurant Under. This unique restaurant is partly underwater and serves special sea delicacies.

4. Meet Elvis in Farsund

About 40 kilometres from Lindesnes is Farsund, a rural municipality. In this municipality lies the small town of Vanse. Every year, usually in the last weekend of June, the American Festival takes place in the town. Suddenly, during your holiday in Norway, you enter American spheres! The American kitchen, cars, flags and even Elvis are present every year.

Campsite tip: Sandes Camping near Mandal

5. Hiking and biking in Flekkefjord

We’re now heading northwest along the coast to Flekkefjord. This charming place has beautiful bays and a historic trading post with Dutch. Take a nice walk along the coastal paths and enjoy the beautiful views. In Flekkefjord itself you walk through picturesque streets with white houses whose entrances are often decorated with flowers.

Extra tip: Fancy an active outing? Then take a ride on the Flekkefjord lanes. Take a special bicycle and ride along an old railway line.

The old wooden houses of Flekkefjord are decorated with flower

The old wooden houses of Flekkefjord are decorated with flowers.

6. Back in time at Helleren on the Jøssingfjord

The Helleren’s cottages on the Jøssingfjord make you go back in time. These houses under the overhanging rocks date from about 1800, but there are indications that people have lived here since 1500.

Extra tip: Take the footpath to the cottages and take a look at these old houses.

The old houses of Helleren

The old houses of Helleren.

7. Sandy beach and rock formations in Egersund

The fishing town of Egersund is situated in a beautiful landscape full of rocky islands giving it a natural harbour. Nowadays this is one of the largest harbours in Norway. Apart from the enchanting rocky landscape, you will also find a long sandy beach and dune area and crystal clear water! Ideal for a wonderful day at the beach.

Near Egersund is the Eigeroy Fyr lighthouse, which was inaugurated in the nineteenth century. At the end of the last century a family of lighthouse keepers still lived in the small house near the lighthouse.

A fifteen minute drive from Egersund there is a rocky landscape with a separate rock formation: the Trollpikken. This rock was created about 12,000 years ago. And where does the name come from? See for yourself …

Extra tip: A visit to the Egersund Chokoladefabrik & Co is a must! Here you can taste delicious chocolate and prepare it yourself. There are special workshops for which you can sign up.

Campsite tip: Brusand Camping AS near Brusand

The rocky coast at Egersund

The rocky coast at Egersund.

8. The imposing rocks Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten

The Preikestolen is one of Norway’s most iconic sights. This high and steep rock attracts many visitors, despite the tough hike to the top. The rock platform is located at an altitude of 604 meters. Although you need to be in good shape and keep in mind that you are not alone, this climb is definitely worth it. An alternative to admire this natural attraction is a boat trip through the Lysefjord. From the fjord you also have a very nice view on this natural attraction.

A second well known attraction on the same Lysefjord is the Kjeragbolten. This large boulder is wedged between two steep cliffs. However, you don’t reach this special place easily, because you have to walk about six to ten hours on difficult terrain. So start here only if you are in good condition. For both the Preikestolen and the Kjeragbolten we strongly advise you to follow the safety instructions. Hiking in Norway is fantastic, but the terrain is sometimes rough and challenging. Please read in advance, for example on the website of Visit Norway, and make sure you have good shoes and clothing on.

Campsite tip: Lindeland Camping near Linland or Preikestolen Camping near Jørpeland

The Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two steep cliffs.

The Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two steep cliffs.

9. Enjoy the city of Stavanger

The city of Stavanger is a nice end point for our tour through southern Norway. This modern city is the centre of the Norwegian oil industry. You reach Stavanger via the Ryfast tunnel. There are many museums and events in this lively city. You can enjoy yourself there for a few days. In the old part of the city you can still find historic wooden houses. A nice tip is the Viking House, an impressive museum about the Vikings.

Extra tip: Take a boat trip and visit the island of Flor og Fjære. Here you will find an exotic paradise with palm trees and other tropical plants. Something very different from the rocky coastline of earlier days!

Campsite tip: Mosvangen Camping Stavanger

Typical wooden houses in the old town of Stavanger.

Typical wooden houses in the old town of Stavanger.

After your stay in Stavanger, take the ferry back to Hirtshals in Denmark.

Best campsites in Norway

A complete overview of all campsites in Norway can be found on Motor home owners can also choose the guide ACSI CampingCard & Camper pitches. Here you will find detailed information about campsites and camper pitches throughout Europe.

Want to read more about camping in Norway? Bram tells you about everything you need to know here! And if you’re interested in tips for a camping holiday in Norway, take a look at this post.

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