Tips for a camping holiday in Norway

June, 22 2020

Norway is the country with the seventh longest coastline in the world. In the east it borders Sweden, but the entire west of Norway has a beautiful, extensive coastline. In the north the country makes a small bend and borders Finland. Its special location underlines the diversity of the country and makes it a varied destination. And with our tips you will be well prepared to go camping in Norway!

The beautiful nature and a relatively small population density of the country are ideal conditions for campers who love nature, peace and quiet and space. The country is bursting with charming campsites where you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday. So take a trip around Norway and pick out the most beautiful spots in the country. My colleague Bram likes to catch up with you in his blog about the capital Oslo and the fjord city of Bergen.

The best season for to go camping in Norway

Campers mainly travel through Norway between May and September, when the days are long and the temperatures pleasant. This is also the period when nature is in full bloom. And with temperatures around twenty degrees, it’s also a good time on the many beautiful beaches the country has to offer.

If you should choose one month to visit Norway, go for June. Then there is one event you should not miss: the Midsummer Festival. This festival takes place every year on the Friday that falls in the period from 19 June to 25 June. On this day, the summer solstice is celebrated; the beginning of summer. Festivities are held all over the country. And this is accompanied by delicious food, beautiful flowers and cheerful music. In short: a lot of fun.

However, a trip through Norway in the autumn and winter months is also very worthwhile. Please note that the climate can be quite spicy then. Not everyone can stand the cold and wind equally well … In the winter months you do have the chance to spot orcas. They gather between mid-October and mid-January in the bays of the fjords. Camera at the ready, then!

The Midsummer Festival in Norway

The Midsummer Festival in Norway: every year in June with lots of sun, music, flowers and goodies.

What do you have to think about before you leave?

It may pay off to fill your caravan or motorhome with groceries before you start your journey. Prices in Norwegian supermarkets are on the high side compared to the Netherlands. Please note that some products may only be imported to a limited extent. These rules mainly apply to meat and dairy products, alcohol and tobacco. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Norwegian food authorities.

It is also useful to find out if you need an environmental sticker for the places in Norway you want to visit. For the time being, this only applies to Oslo and Bergen, but the regulations in this area change quite often.

The Norwegian Crown (NOK) has been the official currency of the country since the end of the nineteenth century. Among other things, Norwegian cash can be ordered and collected from the bank, but in principle this is not necessary. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Norway.

Extra ‘tip’ : Tipping in catering establishments in Norway is often only done if you are very satisfied with the service (usually 5-15% of the total bill). However, this is not an obligation.

Norwegian wooden houses

The wooden houses, mostly red colored, that characterize Norway so much.

The trip to Norway: ferry and costs

Norway is best reached via Denmark or Sweden. Of course you can drive to Denmark with your car or camper. Afterwards you can cross over by ferry. It is also an option to make the ferry from Denmark to neighboring Sweden. Once ashore you can visit Malmö and drive north to Gotheburg via the beautiful coastline (route of three hours). Keep heading north and after two hours you’ll automatically drive into Norway.

For reliable and detailed information about the ferry and other ways of travelling, take a look at the official travel web site of Norway. There you’ll find all kinds of route options and the fares of the various shipping companies. This will give you a good idea of the costs you’re going to make

Campsites in Norway

A complete overview of all campsites in Norway can be found on or the ACSI Campsites Europe app.

  • Author: Helena Flassak
  • From an early age on Helena went camping in France together with her family, which was always a new adventure. But the real wanderlust overcame her when she travelled through parts of Australia in a van. Since then, she plans smaller and bigger trips with family and friends as often as possible. She loves to spend her holidays in nature and would love to explore parts of Africa in the coming years.


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