Camping in the land of a thousand lakes

October, 17 2018

Discover the land of 1000 lakes: Mecklenburg. With a rich landscape full of green forests, extensive marshlands, flowing rivers and of course countless lakes, this state in the northeast of Germany is an area full of natural beauty. Perfect for campers who like to stay on a campsite by the water, just like me.

Mecklenburg’s unique water landscape

The natural landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is unique with an interconnected network of over 100 lakes, rivers, streams and canals. Many campsites are ideally situated on one of these lakes, which means a lot of aquatic fun. There is something for everyone: from a boat trip on a motor yacht or houseboat to a canoe trip over the narrow rivers. The large dark blue lakes will also tempt you to take your surfboard or sailing boat out for a few hours.

The beating heart of Mecklenburg, the Müritz, is the largest inland lake of Germany. It lies between Schwerin and the Polish border and in the national park of the same name. The special thing about this park is that it has become a breeding ground for rare bird species that have died out elsewhere, such as the white-tailed eagle and the crane. I have experienced a beautiful spectacle here: more than 60,000 cranes landing in the lakes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The months of April and May are the best periods for bird watching in spring, and in autumn the birds stop in the area for their autumn migration in October.


Charming towns set in the countryside

In Mecklenburg’s vast countryside you will encounter historic towns, each with their own character. Large cities are not to be found in Mecklenburg, which is precisely the charm of the region. In Waren, located on the Müritz, medieval churches and colourful houses embellish the decor. In Bützow you can stroll over the cobblestones and view the authentic half-timbered houses.

The capital of the region, Schwerin, combines the best characteristics of Mecklenburg: nature and culture. This elegant city is completely surrounded by lakes like a beautiful water lily surrounded by water. The historical old town centre (Altstadt) is a pleasant place to shop in the cosy boutiques that dominate the narrow streets. A great contrast to the stately palaces and castles that Schwerin has to offer. One of those castles is Schwerin Castle, surrounded by a lush garden. I definitely recommend a guided tour of the castle to learn more about its interesting history.

Schwerin Castle

Dive into Mecklenburg’s history

Besides enjoying the clean water and the green surroundings, you can also experience Mecklenburg’s history. You can get to know the area in the Müritzeum; the natural history exhibition offers a glimpse of the region’s underwater world. The large freshwater aquarium with native fish species is especially impressive. You can literally walk around in Mecklenburg’s history in the village of Muess near Schwerin. In the fully furnished village houses you can experience the local life of the eighteenth century.

Would you also like to visit this land of a thousand lakes? On you will find numerous campsites where you can enjoy all that water. There are also plenty of campsites where you can take your own boat, so you will be able to enjoy the fantastic water to the fullest!

Claudia de Vries
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