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Important: maximum speed in France has been reduced

on 12 Jul 2018

Are you planning a well-deserved break in France with your car this summer? Then please note that the maximum speed on two-way roads has been reduced from 1 July 2018. It’s been reduced by 10 km/h, so from 90 km/h to 80 km/h. This change applies to two-way roads without a central reservation, or ‘routes nationales’ (national roads) and ‘routes départementales’ (regional roads). Good to know before you start your...

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On the Tour de France trail (1)

on 9 Jul 2018

How about combining a camping holiday with getting to see the world’s greatest cycling event? The Tour de France cyclists are once again crossing the country between 7 and 29 July, which is of course the perfect opportunity to witness it in person. If you’d like to know the best place to park your motorhome or pitch your tent, here are five camping tips for making the most of the French landscape and the Tour de France. Today, part 1 with the first two tips.

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By bike among the birds

on 29 Jun 2018

When you talk about the Camargue, you think of wild horses and bulls. But the extensive marshes, dunes and rice fields are primarily the habitat for thousands of birds, some more colourful than others. And you’ll probably get to see them at their best on a bike. Reading time: about. 7 minutes It’s still early in the morning with a wonderful sea breeze in our backs as we cycle along La Digue, the unpaved sea dike from Saintes-Maries-de-la Mer....

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Where to go for a cosy campsite in France or Spain

on 7 May 2018

Enjoy your camping holiday to the full. You can do that in a thousand and one different ways. If you prefer a cosy atmosphere in a rustic countryside setting then it is a good idea to opt for a small-scale campsite. You will be woken every morning by the sound of chirping birds or the water lapping in the brook that runs just behind the campsite. In France and Spain there are plenty of these great little campsites; I have sought out the most...

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The Vosges; somewhere to add to your holiday bucket list?

on 1 Apr 2018

When returning from my holiday last year I drove back home from Burgundy via Strasbourg. During the drive my attention was drawn to the impressive and constantly changing landscape around me; the Vosges! Something for my bucket list? One of the first things you read about the Vosges is that the countryside is breathtaking. I can certainly agree with that. The region is well-known for its rugged mountain landscapes, extensive woodland and...

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Sustainable camping in the Auvergne

on 20 Mar 2018

‘Sustainable travel’ is something you hear all the time these days. It is an important topic: how can we make sure that our love of travel and our desire to have great holidays can be met without an undue burden on the environment? Luckily there are all sorts of national and regional initiatives which will at least allow you to make an informed choice. Also if you’re planning on going camping. And where could you do that...

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