Camping in the low season: nothing but benefits!

February, 4 2019

Are you retired, do you not have children (yet), are your (grand)children very young or do your (grand)children no longer go to school and are you not restricted to holidays in the high season? Excellent! Camping in the low season is a must for several reasons. Read on to discover the advantages of camping outside of the high season.

Camping in the low season: nothing but benefits!

First things first: when is the low season anyway? Many campsites work with three seasons: the low season, the medium season and the high season. The seasons are more or less divided as follows:
Low season: January, February, March, April, October, November, December
Medium season: half May, June, September
High season: July, August

Of course you should be aware that some campsites have different high seasons. That specific campsite at the bottom of the ski slope with heated toilet facilities and all the ski amenities you could wish for considers the winter months as their high season.

Nature at its best

Nature is often at its best during spring and autumn. In spring you can enjoy the beautiful colours and smells as the landscape turns green and flowers bloom. In autumn the trees turn vibrant yellow, red and orange. In the high season the temperature plays an important role. Especially in southern countries, it is not only fairly warm, but also dry. Because of this, nature often struggles during the summer and loses some of its lustre.
Camping in the low season: Nature at its best

Quieter towns and villages

While some places can be overcrowded in July and August, this problem is much less likely in the low season. The reason is simple: fewer people are able to take time off and travel. That means it’s less likely that you have to queue for museums and finding a place for a drink and a bite to eat is also much easier. That brings us to another advantage, because in spring the temperature is often already very pleasant and that means that a drink at a pavement café is definitely a good idea.

The campsites are also likely to be quieter, so you won’t have to queue to have a shower or do the dishes and there’s more peace and quiet around the pool.

Camping in the low season: Quieter towns and villages

Attractive rates during the low season

During the high season, a huge number of people try to get a spot on the campsite. In the low season, the demand is much smaller. As a result, campsites make their prices more attractive. Ideal for those who aren’t bound to the high season due to their work or school-aged children, because they can benefit from much lower prices.

Even better deals in the low season

As stated above, camping is cheaper in the low season and rates can become even lower with CampingCard ACSI. On you can recognise these campsites immediately by the blue CC logo. This discount card allows you to stay at over 3,400 campsites for only € 12, €14, € 16, € 18 or € 20 per night during the low season.

This price includes everything you need: a camping spot for two people, electricity, a warm shower, VAT and if you take your dog it’s free on campsites that allow pets. In some cases you can save up to 60%. There are even campsites that include children up to 5 years of age in the standard rate and campsites that offer extra discounts such as 7=6. Speaking of great value!

CampingCard ACSI: better deals in the low season

Where should I go in the low season?

Wherever you like! Head towards Tuscany in spring or to Provence during autumn. It’s up to you! There’s often no need to book in advance, so what are you waiting for? Check the weather forecast, find out where the weather is best and plan your next trip!

  • Author: Emily
  • When Emily was younger, she went on summer camping holidays with her parents and sister to places like France, Spain and Italy. Her love for camping continues to this day, especially if she can camp close to a beach, somewhere where there is plenty to do to ensure that the holiday is as varied as possible.


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    Where do I go to get a camping card.
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    Any other benefits to the card.
    Any age restrictions

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      Hi Denise,
      You can find everything you’d like to know about CampingCard ACSI here. Prices start from just € 12,95.
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