Which ACSI products are right for me?

January, 7 2021 | Update: 17/03/2022

Do you drive your caravan to France or Croatia every year, do you travel through Scandinavia with your motorhome or do you prefer to enjoy the peace and atmosphere of a mini campsite in your own country? No matter what kind of camper you are, with ACSI’s products you are sure to find a campsite that suits you! We’d love to help you find out which ACSI guide or app is right for you.

What kind of camper are you?

In which period do you camp the most?

What kind of campsite do you prefer?

CampingCard ACSI: good to know

You’d like a discount on your overnight stay during low season with CampingCard ACSI. When exactly are you entitled to a discount and how can you get a good deal when buying the CampingCard ACSI discount card?

What kind of camper are you?

CampingCard ACSI

Lovely camping in the low season with CampingCard ACSI on Chiemsee Strandcamping in Germany.

I mainly camp in low season

Camping in low season is not only relaxing, but with CampingCard ACSI it is also a lot cheaper! In this guide plus discount card you will find information about more than 3000 campsites where you can camp at a discount in low season. You can camp at one of the fixed rates of € 12, € 14, € 16, € 18, € 20 or € 22  per night. Endless camping fun! Terug

CampingCard ACSI discount card

Camping Polari Kroatië

Enjoying summer in high season in Istria on Polari Campsite in Rovinj, Croatia

I mainly camp in high season

Then the ACSI Campsites Europe app is a good choice. Indicate where you want to go, what amenities you are looking for and voilà: a list of ACSI campsites. You can also use the app without an internet connection. So you can easily find a campsite while on the road or if you are camping without wifi. Campsites that accept the CampingCard ACSI discount card in low season can be recognised by the blue CC logo. The discount card is not included with the app. Terug

Camping Quinta do Castanheiro

Camping with your motorhome on Quinta do Castanheiro Campsite in Castanheira de Pêra, Portugal.

What kind of campsite do you prefer?

I have a motorhome and I camp at campsites and motorhome pitches

Then the CampingCard ACSI app plus the extra information for motorhome pitches is the thing for you. In this app you will find more than 3000 campsites that accept CampingCard ACSI and detailed information about more than 9000 motorhome pitches. The CampingCard ACSI discount card is not included with this app. Terug

Camping Auzun Nature Pyreneeën

Camping near the French Pyrenees on the small-scale Azun Nature Campsite in Aucun.

I like to camp on small campsites

The ACSI Great Little Campsites app is what you need! This app contains 1,900 attractive campsites located all over Europe. A number of Great Little Campsites also accept the CampingCard ACSI discount card. You can recognise those campsites by the blue CC logo. The discount card is not included with the app. Terug

ACSI Great Little Campsites App

ACSI Great Little Campsites app

Useful to know

ACSI Camping

Difference between CampingCard ACSI campsites and ACSI campsites

For many campers CampingCard ACSI is synonymous with ACSI. That’s not surprising, because the CampingCard ACSI discount card is hugely popular! However, not all campsites that ACSI inspects accept CampingCard ACSI. Of the more than 9000 campsites inspected, more than 3000 accept the discount card. You can recognize those campsites by the blue CC logo.  Terug

CampingCard ACSI-logo

The CampingCard ACSI logo with 2 Cs.

When am I entitled to a discount with CampingCard ACSI?

  • At one of the more than 3000 campsites participating in CampingCard ACSI.
  • Within the acceptance period set by the campsite. The campsites’ acceptance periods can be found in the guides, on CampingCard.com and in the CampingCard ACSI app.
  • On presentation of the paper CampingCard ACSI discount card. You can find this card in any ACSI guide.
  • An ACSI app never entitles you to a CampingCard ACSI discount. For this you will need the paper discount card that you can find in the CampingCard ACSI guide.
  • Please find more information and explanations about CampingCard ACSI hereTerug

Single guide or subscription

Do you go camping in low season every year and would you like to continue to take advantage of CampingCard ACSI bargain rates? Then a subscription to CampingCard ACSI might be right for you. You will receive the new guides and discount card before Christmas every year, and the guide is cheaper than if you buy it seperately. You can recoup the CampingCard ACSI purchase price within four nights!  Terug

  • Author: Marieke Krämer
  • Marieke has been camping since she was a baby. Her family would go camping at some of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marieke loves active holidays surrounded by nature, combined with visits to interesting cities, in areas such as the French Alps, Slovenia, and Scotland.


  1. Hi,
    What does the fixed rate campsite prices mean please

    If I go on subscription and are unable to go next year, what does this mean.

    If I go for one year do I get the app.

    If I have the app, will I need the “book” as the postage for this must be a lot
    Thanks Chris Layton

    • Hi Chris,

      The fixed CampingCard rates are €12, €14, €16, €18, €20 or €22. They are always lower than the normal rates for the low season at an individual campsite. You can read more about the rates and what is included on this page: https://www.campingcard.co.uk/extra-information/what-is-campingcard-acsi/

      If you get a subscription, the mininum to start is two years. After that, you can cancel your subscription for the next year any time before 1st of October.
      More information: https://www.campingcard.co.uk/customerservice-and-contact/

      Currently, you will need the discount card that is in the books and show that at the campsite. This will be reviewed in the future.

      For more questions about a subscription and the app, you can also chat with one of our colleagues from customer service on the webshop. https://webshop.acsi.eu/

      I wish you great camping holidays.

      Kind regards,


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