ACSI campsite guides: which one should I choose?

January, 29 2018

Dutch campsite specialist ACSI is publishing a second English title in 2018: ACSI Campsite Guide, which includes more than 2,300 specially selected campsites. This also gives the English-speaking camper another choice: to opt for the tried and trusted CampingCard ACSI, or to go travelling in 2018 with this new travel guide?

It seems a difficult choice, as the price of both books is the same and both books include a discount card for discounted camping in the low season. But there are also important differences, and these make it easier to choose. First ask yourself an important question: do you plan on camping before or after the high season only? Then the CampingCard ACSI  is (and remains) probably the best product for you. Would you prefer more information about your campsite destination and will you be travelling in the high season? If so, the new ACSI Campsite Guide is for you.

Travel guide

The ACSI Campsite Guide is a complete travel guide and therefore very suitable for campers who also travel during the high season, in their own country, just across the border, or on the European mainland. The guide includes lots of tourist information, information regarding ferries and more than 2300 campsites specially selected for campers from the United Kingdom and Ireland. You also receive a discount card for discounted camping during the low season. This is accepted at as many as 1,400 of the 2,300 campsites. You can find the complete overview of campsites that accept the card quickly and easily on, or in the CampingCard ACSI app.

CampingCard ACSI guide

The  CampingCard ACSI guide is a real campsite guide, with mainly factual information about the amenities that participating campsites have to offer. This guide includes all campsites that accept the discount card in the low season, but naturally you can stay there during the high season too. We have created a handy overview of the guides, with all of the differences and things in common. Which one will you choose?

CampingCard ACSI ACSI Campsite Guide
Number of campsites 3,330 >2,000
Discount card  Yes Yes
Accepted 3,330 more than 1,400
Countries 21 5
Suitable for Low-season campers High and low-season campers
Regional information No Yes
Ferry information No Yes
Date of publication Mid-December Mid-January
App Optional (supplement) Optional (supplement)

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  • Author: Charlotte Kipp


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