Five reasons to go camping in Switzerland

April, 7 2022

Switzerland is a country to fall in love with. If you have forgotten why you should visit this country, I have made a list of five reasons for you. From a boat tour to the largest waterfalls in Europe to enjoying real Swiss chocolate, you must agree that these are legitimate reasons to go camping in Switzerland.  

Alpine landscape

Switzerland excels in its beautiful natural scenery. The green valleys, snowcapped mountaintops and deep blue lakes are spectacular. It is also the location of Europe’s largest waterfalls. During a boat tour past the Schaffhausen Rhine Falls, you can hear them roar. And don’t forget the glaciers. The absolute highpoint is the Great Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Alps.


Alphorn Switzerland

The alphorn is a typical swiss instrument.

The alphorn is a typical Swiss instrument. This long horn produces very low tones when you blow on it. The instrument is a common sight in the Swiss mountains and in the past, it was used as a form of communication. An alphorn festival in held every year in the Swiss Nendaz. One hundred and fifty horn blowers come together for a magnificent concert. If you would like to have a go at blowing this enormous instrument, follow an alphorn blowing workshop.


Switzerland is a country of traditions and authentic customs. Everyone knows yodelling, alphorn blowing and flag twirling. But have you ever heard of Schwingen? It is Switzerland’s most popular folk sport. You may think it has something to do with dancing, but it is a type of wrestling in fact. Both wrestlers wear ‘Schwingerhose’ (wrestling breeches) that opponents can take hold of and pull on. The aim is to throw your opponent off balance and toss them into the sawdust. It is a spectacular sight during an Alpine Festival! Here is a taster.

Swiss cheese and chocolate

If there’s something they love in Switzerland, its cheese. Just as a snack or in the dish called Raclette: melted cheese served with gherkins, onions, fruit and ‘Gschwellti’ (potatoes cooked with the skin on). A cheese fondue with a variety of cheeses, such as the soft Vacherin Mont d’Or, the herb-infused Appenzelle or the full-flavoured Sbrinz. Swiss chocolate is also very tempting. A fun fact: milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland in 1875 by mixing dark chocolate with Swiss milk.

Swiss Cheese Fondue

The Swiss invented the chees fondue!


Were you aware that Switzerland has the most museums per square metre in the world? In the Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air Museum, you can see how traditional crafts such as woodcarving and mask cutting, rope making and bellfounding live in Switzerland. Admire how the experienced members execute their crafts and have a go yourself. From old crafts to modern arts in Fine Arts Museum Basel. The museum houses an enormous collection of different kinds of visual arts, from the Renaissance to today.

Do you have any other tips?

Besides these five, there are numerous reasons to visit Switzerland. What would tempt you out of your bed early in the morning while on holiday in Switzerland? Swiss chocolate, perhaps? Let us know in the responses!

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  • Author: Esther Schaap
  • Esther is a huge travel enthusiast, whether it's a city trip or a camping holiday. She has just one requirement – the area must have enough museums and ancient architecture for her to get her 'dose' of culture. She loves to go to France, Spain and Italy.


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