A comfortable night’s sleep on your holiday

November, 10 2017

A bad night’s sleep? Waking up with back pain? These are some of the biggest myths about camping these days. There are now plenty of ways to improve the comfort of your night’s sleep on holiday. Whether you’re camping with a caravan, motorhome, or tent, there’s sure to be a solution for you! Find a comfortable mattress or airbed that fits your needs, and you can go camping assured that you will have a great night’s sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. Here are a few options.

Mattress for a caravan or motorhome

Caravans and motorhomes are usually fitted with either a fixed bed, or a seating area that converts to a bed at night. But these types of mattresses and frames are not always the best quality. In order to avoid back pain and tiredness during your camping holiday, and in order to sleep more comfortably, it’s a good idea to buy a good mattress that fits your height, weight and build. In newer models, you’ll usually find a good, comfortable mattress.

Custom mattresses
You can have mattresses custom made, for caravans or motorhomes too. Then you’ll be able to choose the material the mattress is made from: for example, foam, latex, or one with pocket or inner springs. This is perfect if you need a mattress that doesn’t have a standard shape, for example a rectangular mattress, or one with rounded corners. That’s because custom mattresses are made entirely according to the contours of the bed base. And you don’t even need to measure your caravan or motorhome mattress yourself, just let the company that’s making your custom mattress know what type and brand of camping vehicle you have, and they’ll know what size to make it.

custom made caravan mattress

Mattress toppers
Having a custom mattress made for your caravan or motorhome can be very expensive. If just the thought of it gives you sleepless nights, there is an alternative: a mattress topper. This is a mattress that you put on top of your existing mattress. The ideal thickness of a mattress topper is between 4 and 6 centimetres, and it should be made from breathable foam or memory foam.

Sleeping on an airbed

If you camp with a tent, you’ll mostly sleep on an airbed. These are easy to take with you, tend to be relatively inexpensive, and are quickly inflated. But of course, there are also disadvantages to an airbed: it’s easy to roll off of them, if you’re sleeping on one with someone else and they turn around, you can easily wake up, and if it cools down at night, you’re sleeping on a cold, damp bed. But there are some good alternatives:

A modern airbed
You could decide to buy a comfortable camping mattress, that is an inflatable camping bed. This is an airbed with a frame, and a sleeping pad on top. These ‘modern airbeds’ are much more comfortable. You’ll sleep a little higher off the floor, and your back will be better supported. And if you’re sharing the bed, you can attach two of these camping beds together and create a double bed.

Sleeping pads
Sleeping pads have several advantages. That includes that they don’t weigh much, and so are easy to take with you. In addition, you don’t need to bring a pump on holiday with you, as a sleeping pad (also known as an inflatable) inflates itself, and sleeping pads are often made from an insulated fabric, which means you’re sleeping on a warmer surface.

In short, sleeping while camping doesn’t need to be a nightmare, and you don’t need to get back pain from it anymore. Choose a good alternative, and keep camping fun!

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  • Author: Lucia Velthuis
  • Lucia started camping with her parents when she was just a little kid. Nowadays she still goes camping, but now with her boyfriend. She loves the outdoors, the friendliness of campers and just exploring every bit of Europe with a tent. Going on city trips is also a thing Lucia loves to do! Her favourite destinations are United Kingdom, Spain and Iceland.


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