A journey through camping history: Camping Bergamini

May, 23 2022

Camping Bergamini is located in the beautiful Italian resort of Peschiera del Garda and was founded by Beppo, grandfather of the current owner Giovanna, in 1954. The campsite is named after the small fishing village that has existed at the location since ancient times.

Back then, the shores of Lake Garda were unspoilt and Bergamini was a small campsite located between the reeds and a quiet beach. The family loved to receive guests from other countries – in the early days, it was mostly Northern European guests who came to camp.

Camping Bergamini

By word of mouth, the small campsite evolved into a popular destination on the southern side of Lake Garda. Northern European guests gradually became guests from around the globe. After a few years, the campsite was taken over by son Giovanni and his wife Rita, who were able to develop the campsite in this beautiful spot by making the right choices at the right times.

Camping Bergamini

The campsite has since been taken over by their daughter Giovanna. She learned everything she needed to know about hospitality and running a campsite from her parents, a real adventure. Her parents and grandparents remain a source of inspiration for her in continuing the business today.

Camping Bergamini

Listening to guests’ experiences

Today, the campsite continues to move with the times. Every year, guests expect a little more in terms of space, amenities, cleaning, news provision and customer friendliness. Guests can now
enjoy a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the Lake, as well as a restaurant and rental accommodation. Still, the campsite retains its small-scale charm. Plus, the fantastic location, next to the Lake, remains unchanged, although the coastline along the southern shore is no longer wild and unspoilt.

Camping Bergamini

Like her predecessors, Giovanna is committed to quality and to delivering a hospitable experience. She listens to experiences and feedback from guests, which she then uses to improve the campsite. The family also considers respect for nature important, and the campsite is part of a group of eco campsites around Lake Garda that are dedicated to sustainable campsite management.

Camping Bergamini

Even more camping history

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to take you on our journey through Europe’s camping history. You can also read the story of the Dutch campsite Noetselerberg.

  • Author: Marieke Krämer
  • I grew up camping. The tent was pitched every year in beautiful places in the Netherlands and Belgium. I like active or relaxing holidays in the countryside best. Preferably at a campsite by a lake or river with a view of the mountains. For me, a day in the city is always part of a holiday.


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