These are the camping trends for 2022

March, 28 2022

Camping is booming like never before. Over the past two years, more than one million people have discovered their interest for camping. 2022 will, therefore, be a special year for the camping industry! We have listed all the important camping trends and developments for 2022 for you.


A new generation of motorhomes and caravans The hobby beachy

1. Camping-Mania

The corona crisis has resulted in a new generation of camping enthusiats. People who previously preferred to travel by plane to distant destinations have discovered camping. According to figures from the Camping and Caravan Industry (KCI), there have been more than a million new campers in the past two years. And this has been noticed by the entire industry! Record after record was broken last year and camping equipment is quickly selling out of the showrooms.

The downside of this success: difficulties in the supply of spare parts and the lack of storage space. Anyone who wants to camp with a new holiday home on wheels this summer cannot wait until the last moment to make a purchase. Caravan sales have also picked up. With its Beachy model, Hobby has used this development to revolutionise the class of motorhomes. Amidst all these successful sales, something else stands out: within the category of motorhomes, the number of RVs is still growing.

2. Book on time

Even though campsites are getting busier due to all the new camping fans, it is still possible to go on a spontaneous camping holiday. However, if you want to secure a pitch on your favourite campsite, it is best to book in advance. Europe’s camping specialist ACSI has noticed this too, saying that many campsites were almost fully booked for the summer of 2022 by early December 2021. ‘If you still want a good spot on a campsite in the summer you need to act fast’, is the advise of Ramon van Reine, director at ACSI. On a brighter note, this leads to more and more campsites opting to stay open longer, making the late season more attractive for travelers.

Rooftop tent

Rooftop tents are on the rise among tent campers

3. Back to the roots: camping in a tent

Traditional camping is back! At the Camping and Caravan Trade Fair in October, there was a whole exhibition hall full of tents (on wheels). Young, trendy brands such as Campooz and EasyCaravanning are on the rise, and trusted companies such as Holtkamper and Alpenkreuzer have refreshed their range. It’s not only about a larger colour palette and a trendier look. Thanks to all kinds of expansion options such as zip-in sleeping cabins, a growing number of camping enthusiasts choose for a tent(trailer). Within tent camping, the rooftop tent is continuing to grow in popularity.

4. Green(er) camping

Five years ago, electric vehicles were still only in their early stages, but in 2021 an all-electric Volvo XC40, along with its caravan, drove effortlessly to Switzerland in the ACSI FreeLife TestTour (a test tour of a Dutch magazine for camping enthusiasts). Sustainability was already an important topic in 2021, but in 2022 this trend will carry on. Ambitious climate targets are giving both campers and the camping industry food for thought. Electric motorhomes and caravans are on the rise and performing better and better. And there are more and more initiatives to make camping more environmentally friendly.

Camping trends 2022: Sustainability

One of the biggest camping trends for 2022: Finding sustainable solutions.

Even in the development of camping equipment, it is noticeable that manufacturers are looking into sustainable solutions. Last year, for example, the Dutch company Camperfixx launched the very first all-electric motorhome. The company even claims to already be working on a hydrogen-powered motorhome. Caravan manufacturer Dethleffs is following suit and conducted a successful experiment involving an Alpine trip with an electrically powered caravan mounted on an Audi e-tron tow bar. Last but not least, work is also being done on the first design for an e-caravan.

5. Fit on the campsite

The corona crisis highlights once again the importance of staying in good health. However, regular exercise to refresh the body and mind takes a lot of discipline – let alone when you are on vacation! Fortunately, campsites are taking the initiative by offering more and more sports facilities. Since the last season, guests of Recreatiepark TerSpegelt in Eersel (Netherlands) have been able to stay active during their holidays. With special exercise routes from QR-Fit, new exercises are offered every day.

Recreatiepark TerSpegelt

Guests of Recreatiepark TerSpegelt can enjoy a broad variety of sports.

Campsites with a fitness area

This article was made possible by ACSI FreeLife (a Dutch magazine and website for camping enthusiasts)

  • Author: Sander Cox
  • Mijn ideale vakantiedag? ’s Ochtends fietsend of hardlopend de omgeving ontdekken en daarna met de benen omhoog tot rust komen met een boek of tijdschrift in de hand én de telefoon in de vliegtuigmodus. Als redacteur van ACSI FreeLife typ ik door de vingerkrampbarrière en verken ik nieuwe regio’s waar je verrassend goed kan kamperen en fietsen.


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