Go on an online holiday with Europe’s best nature webcams

on 25 May 2020

Bianca van Steenbergen

Would you like to look beyond your backyard or the park around the corner? Through these webcams you can take a look at (wild) animals, on beaches and mountain tops. Get transported to beautiful places and get inspired for your next holiday. Are you crazy about animals? Also then we have selected a few nice live streams for you!

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Hygienic and comfortable: camping with private sanitary facilities

on 11 May 2020

Tom Haze

With a toilet roll walking under your arm to the toilet block. Maybe even at night! It’s probably the most famous camping clique there is. But of course that doesn’t have to be reality. For example, on a campsite with private sanitary facilities! There you have your own shower, toilet and washbasin at your campsite. That not only saves you waiting for your turn, you also keep control of the hygiene. Because no matter how nice the neighbours are, you don’t have to share everything!

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5 apps for learning another language

on 23 Apr 2020

Esther Schaap

On holiday you often come a long way if you speak a little bit of French. Yet few English and Dutch people, for example, also speak French well. That’s why it’s handy that you can not only order ‘deux baguettes et une croissant’ in the morning from the bakery during your camping holiday in France, but that you can also learn a foreign language. We list five handy apps that make it easy for you to learn a new language. So you can make yourself understood in every holiday country. Start practicing!

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Five camping games you can play in the dark

on 21 Apr 2020

Marieke Krämer

When you go camping, you can choose a large campsite with a swimming pool and an animation team. But maybe you want to go all the way back to nature and choose to camp with your tent on a small campsite with only the necessary facilities. So what are fun activities with few resources for your children to do?

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Art from your living room

on 21 Apr 2020

Helena Flassak

Now that many holidays have to be cancelled because of coronavirus, it becomes a lot harder to get your dose of art and culture. Fortunately, museums all over the world are glad to help you with all kinds of virtual tours! We have listed 7 interesting museum tours that you can easily do from the comfort of your own home. So you can enjoy the beauty and splendour both domestically and abroad in your easy chair. Ready to get started?

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Capital of Culture 2020: Rijeka, ‘Port of Diversity’

on 24 Mar 2020

Madita Weiß

The Croatian port city of Rijeka is set to be the European Capital of Culture 2020. Until recently, the city was relatively unknown amongst tourists, despite being Croatia’s third largest. But in 2020, things are set to change, and quite rightly so! From picturesque seaside villas to industrial charm in the port area, the city is as diverse as a camping holiday in Croatia. We’d like to introduce you to this exciting port city and share some tips for your visit to the European Capital of Culture 2020.

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