5 unique European cable cars

on 26 Sep 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

Before I go on holiday, I always check to see if there’s a cable car nearby. A ride in a gondola is one of the most wonderful moments on the entire holiday. Sitting back and enjoying the view on the way up is often literally and figuratively the high point of my holiday. In this blog, I’ve put together a list of my 5 favourite European cable cars to share with you!

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5 golden rules when motorhoming in France

on 12 Sep 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

Like in the UK, the traffic rules for campervans and motorhomes are, in many cases, different in France. This can sometimes lead to ambiguous situations because, for example, how do you know where you can park your motorhome overnight? And what about the road signs that say motorhomes are not welcome? The following five rules will make camping in France un jeu d’enfant (a piece of cake).

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5 Atlas Obscura spots in Spain

on 3 Sep 2019

Michèle & Sanne

Michèle and Sanne are travelling through Europe with their bright blue motorhome. They’re sharing their experiences on ‘The adventures of MiSa’. They came across an interesting book: the ‘Atlas Obscura’, and decided to buy it. This guide and its accompanying website are full of strange and original places to visit all over the world. Michèle and Sanne visited five Atlas Obscura spots in Spain.

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Seven amazing camping hacks

on 29 Aug 2019

Eva Roes

Loud zippers, itchy mosquito bites and tents that get a little too hot in the summer sun … Every camping enthusiast knows these little annoyances. Here are seven tips on how to reduce those little daily annoyances at the campsite. Let the holiday begin!

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Give your brain a break and take a holiday

on 22 Aug 2019

Bram Kuhnen

It’s something you hear all the time – and perhaps it’s something you also say or think to yourself: “I could really use a holiday!” It’s something I find myself saying too, but at the same time I wonder what it is that can make you feel like you really need a holiday. Because…is a holiday really good for you? Or is it in fact counterproductive? I decided to dive into the science – and I have good news for all the holiday lovers out there. The conclusion is: taking a holiday is good for you!

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Ooh la la: the most beautiful French villages

on 19 Aug 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

Always wanted to know which of France’s villages are the most popular among the French? Then you’re in luck! Because since 2012, the television programme ‘Le village préféré des Français’ has been allowing French viewers to vote on their favourite villages. The results are very useful for foreign visitors and this year’s list (comprising 14 villages) is again full of little gems. Take a look yourself…

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