Help! Which peg do I need?

on 17 Oct 2017

Whether you want to set up a compact pop-up tent, the large awning on the front of your caravan or the canopy on your motorhome, you can’t do it without pegs. Anyone who’s regularly pounded those long, skinny devils into the ground knows that not every peg is right for every surface. That means that the standard pegs that often come with your tent aren’t always the best option. With so many options on the market, buying the...

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Dethleffs e.Home: something new under the sun?

on 16 Oct 2017

Electric driving and camping – they still don’t work all that well together. Of course, you can pull your caravan using a Tesla or other electric or hybrid car, but there are still disadvantages. For the more environmentally-aware camping enthusiast who isn’t satisfied with a few solar panels on the roof of his caravan or motorhome, there may soon be a serious option to travel completely sustainably. That’s because, at a...

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Road trips by motorhome… for beginners too!

on 13 Oct 2017

Five countries in five weeks by train, boat or plane? Check. Hiking in the High Atlas in Morocco? With young children? Check. Travelling is all about surprising yourself. Dancing along to the rhythm of the country you’re in, adjusting to the culture, and becoming one with nature. But for those who travel a lot, a place to call your own on your travels is a welcome idea. Not having to pack and unpack all the time. Being able to make decent...

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Camping in Croatia; sun, sea, beach and nature

on 11 Oct 2017

A camping holiday in Croatia is a real adventure. You can enjoy lively resorts and rocky bays dotted with small islands in hospitable Croatia. And all this by the deep blue sea. You can while away the time in idyllic small towns and on mountain peaks or marvel at the beautiful countryside. Croatia has something for everyone. The Croatian coast Let’s start at the beautiful Croatian coast which is where you will find most of the campsites. Lovely...

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camping in norway

Camping in Norway; More than Vikings and fjords

on 7 Oct 2017

Vikings, fjords and plenty of mountains. For most people, that’s what probably comes to mind when asked about Norway, but it’s a country with so much more to offer. How about the historic capital of Oslo? Or colourful Bergen? And, of course, there’s the dazzling natural landscape and gorgeous views. Camping in Norway is camping in pristine natural surroundings. Norwegian fjords and untainted landscapes It’s almost...

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8x countryside camping with a fantastic view

on 22 Sep 2017

We hear the same message over and over, that the best place to unwind is the countryside. Perhaps it’s the leaves, the plants or just the singing birds and buzzing bees… who can say? For me, an irresistible view is what makes a place relaxing. I’ve put together a selection of countryside campsites with panoramas to die for. Camping in the most beautiful landscapes, far away from everyday chaos, countryside campsites are as...

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