The six most delightful restaurants on Lake Garda

February, 8 2018

Lake Garda: a top destination for both new and experienced campers. Swimming in the clear water, plenty of options when it comes to campsites, lovely Northern Italian towns and villages close by with plenty of things to do. And: no shortage of good restaurants.

One of the wonderful things about camping is that you can do so much by yourself. You put up your own tent, tow your caravan to your pitch, do the last bit of shopping in the camp shop and prepare your own one-dish meal – or a five star feast. Whatever takes your fancy, because this is, and remains, a holiday.

And if you don’t feel like cooking, it’s not a problem. Certainly not in Italy, because nothing can go wrong in this land of pasta and risotto. The following tips about restaurants on (or close to) Lake Garda should help you choose.

Main course on average from € 10 to € 15
€€ Main course on average from € 15 to € 25
€€€ Main course on average from € 25

1. Ristorante Classique in Lazise – €

Lungo Lago Marconi, 37017 Lazise

If you’re on the lake’s eastern shores, go and eat in Classique in Lazise. This is the place for an extensive, mostly traditional menu with starters, pizza and pasta, meat, fish and salads. And you don’t just go to Classique for delicious food, the view is also worth the drive there. Or you can moor here because the medieval town’s harbour is just around the corner. You can often watch the boats entering and leaving the harbour from the terrace. You can also admire and photograph the sunset on the opposite side of the lake from this eastern beach resort.

Classique in Lazise

Don’t forget to order a glass of local wine with your meal, good wine is produced on the eastern shores. If nobody wants to refrain from drinking this evening, book a room in advance and you can enjoy a good overnight stay!

2. Osteria Caffe Amaro in Garda – €

Piazzale Roma 2, 37016 Garda

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset to the full in Garda, which is also on the eastern shore. A boulevard runs along the shore with a long stretch filled with pavement cafes where you can choose a nice spot to settle down for a snack or a drink. But for a really good meal, walk back into the town; in a street by the lake and on a small square you will find the Osteria Caffe Amaro, with an unusual, but easy-to-read regional menu. The menu offers bean dishes, but also horse and donkey as well as fish and vegetarian dishes. The pasta is home-made but you won’t find pizza here. You can enjoy unusual and delicious dishes here for a reasonable price, in the company of locals and in casual surroundings.

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3. Hotel Ristorante Locanda San Vigilio in Garda – €€

Punta San Vigilio, 37016 Garda

You’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets at this restaurant (from € 25 for breakfast to € 60 for a meal), but it is definitely worth it (see the above photo). Locanda San Vigilio offers extensive views over Lake Garda as it is situated on a headland, a piece of land protruding into the lake which also has a harbour. Each dining table is beautifully positioned by its own window, offering plenty of privacy. The hotel rooms are also authentic jewels, but for an overnight rate of € 270 you could probably stay for a whole week at a campsite on Lake Garda. We just stop here for a gourmet lunch.

4. Pizzeria Al Canal in Peschiera – €

Via Fontana, 5, 37019 Peschiera del Garda

As its name suggests, this eating establishment is right next to the water. Not on the enormous Lake Garda but on the canal which connects the most southerly point of the lake to the River Minico. This river drains water from the lake. A large, partly covered terrace offers the best views of the activity on the water, Various simple boats are anchored here or sail past while you enjoy a delicious pizza or pasta at Al Canal. Some restaurant guests even tie up their boat right by the door!

The waiters go to great lengths to make you feel welcome; this place has a genuine Italian family ambiance

5. Hostaria Porto Vecchio in Desenzano – €

Via Porto Vecchio 28, 25015, Desenzano Del Garda

You can sit and enjoy good food in Porto Vecchio harbour at this hostaria of the same name. Pizza, pasta, fish and seafood are the main dishes on the menu. The waiters go to great lengths to make you feel welcome; this place has a genuine Italian family ambiance. A couple of tips: get there early for a good table and leave room for the delicious home-made tiramisu.

6. Ristorante Risorgimento in Sirmione – €€€

Piazza Carducci 5/6, 25019 Sirmione

Sirmione is a lovely village in itself, positioned on a headland on the southern shore of Lake Garda. The attractive alleyways and squares in traffic-free Sirmione all have an Italian holiday feel: old houses with plenty of flowers, narrow uneven passageways, lively bars and any number of speciality shops (including wine, cakes, cheese, ice cream or cooking utensils). The chique Ristorante Risorgimento is located in the busy Piazza Giosue Carducci in the historic centre and with views of Lake Garda. Food is served on the terrace in fine weather during which most dishes are prepared or served as a show at the table.

Lake Garda

The menu offers mostly fish and shellfish dishes, but also meat and a few vegetable dishes. Go here if you are in search of delicious, fresh and good quality food, and if you’re prepared to spend a bit more on it. Also try the wine(s)!

‘Eating out’ at the campsite

In addition to excellent restaurants there are also good campsites around Lake Garda where (at least for campsite guests) you can eat well. The following campsites are examples:

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