The 10 best children’s attractions in France

October, 26 2018

France has plenty of tourist attractions that are worth a visit during your camping holiday. But when you have kids, you need something that’s enjoyable for everyone, both big and small. So what are some really enjoyable activities with kids? Read all about it in this elaborate post in which I give you a top 10 of the best locations to visit with kids in France.

1. Meeting comic book heroes in Parc Astérix

If you say ‘Paris’ and ‘amusement park’, you will probably think of Disneyland Paris. But there is another amusement park near Paris that should not be forgotten: Parc Astérix. This theme park is full of roller coasters, wild water rides, haunted houses and other exciting rides. You guessed it, the park was inspired by the famous duo Asterix and Obelix, who were created by artist Alebert Uderzo and writer René Goscinny. Of course, you can also take photos of your family posing with their favourite comic book heroes from the Gallic village!

Parc Astérix

2. Disneyland Paris, just magic

Even though Disneyland Paris is pretty well known, it would be strange not to include this popular attraction in France’s top 10 children’s attractions. Nothing could be better than seeing your kids laugh when they take their picture with Mickey or Minnie Mouse or admire the magical Disney world with sparkling eyes.

Disneyland Paris

3. Pretending to be knights in Puy de Fou

For children who don’t like theme parks full of rides, Puy de Fou in Les Epesses is a real winner. This historic theme park is an exciting journey through different eras. The park is huge and if you only have one day to explore it, you’ll have to choose which shows to admire. For example, go back to the Middle Ages with courtly knights or join the Romans in a Gladiator battle in the gigantic coliseum. The shows are beautiful spectacles and an “ooh” or an “aah” escapes from the audience regularly. You will imagine yourself in a completely different time and world.

Puy de Fou

4. Finding Nemo in Nausicaá

Nausciaá in Bologne-sur-Mer, which is officially called the Centre National de la Mer, is one of the most beautiful aquariums in France. More than 58,000 animals such as lunar fish, butterfly fish, jellyfish, rays and also larger sea dwellers such as hammerhead sharks can be found in the enormous tanks. And of course you can also spot Nemo. For the children it is a great moment when the animals are fed. In the touch basin they can literally get in touch with the inhabitants of the underwater world. Rays, cod, turbot and halibut like to be touched and stroked here.

Tip: order tickets online in advance here so you don’t have to queue for too long. Children up to 3 years old are allowed in for free!


5. Train trip through the Vosges

Exploring the beautiful natural landscape of the Vosges may not be the first thing you think of when you say ‘children’s attraction’. But if you do it on board an authentic steam train, it will certainly be an attraction for your kids! Step aboard the Train Touristique in Abreschviller and enjoy the beautiful journey. The train rambles peacefully through the beautiful landscape while you and your children admire the green valleys and wooded mountains. On the way you stop at a water-powered sawmill. A good time to stretch your legs!

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Train Touristique

6. The ultimate kids’ museum

Speaking of trains, Musée du Jouet et Petit Trains in Colmar is the ultimate museum for children. Besides beautiful model train exhibitions you can admire an extensive collection of barbie dolls, baby dolls and all editions of LEGO and Playmobile. A museum from which children cannot be torn away! And you will have to admit that you also quite enjoy the nostalgia of seeing your old toys again.

Musée du Jouet et Petit Trains

7. Zoo, aquapark and museum, all rolled into one!

Zoos are a favourite destination for young and old and with a visit to Touroparc in Romanèche-Thorins you will kill two birds with one stone: it is both an amusement park and a zoo. Oh, and an aquapark, a museum and there is also an exciting treetop adventure course. Admire more than seven hundred animals in their green surroundings and visit the museum where forgotten crafts are being revived. And don’t forget to bring your swimwear so that you can whizz down one of the three large slides!


8. Strategy and fun in the Diverti’Parc greenery

A giant natural board game, that might be the best way to describe Diverti’Parc in Toulon-sur-Arrcoux. In this amusement park you can wander with the children through natural mazes of corn and flowers to the cheerful tunes of French children’s songs. You can also play a giant game of chess or watch the kids jump on bouncy castle and trampolines. The oldest games are often the most fun!


9. Underground world of wonders

Another natural attraction is Souterroscope des Ardoisières in Caumont l’Évente. The caves form an amazing underground world. The playful illumination makes it extra fun for children. The different colours give the lakes a fairytale appearance. Afterwards you can play a round of mini golf with the family on the nearby golf course!

Souterroscope des Ardoisières

10. Fast, faster, fastest

Occasionally, kids just need to be able to put the pedal to the metal. The Manacha Kart racetrack in Gerbépal is the perfect place for this. There is a special area for children, so helmet on and go! The nice thing about this kart track is that there are also little electric cars for younger kids aged three and up.

Manacha Kart

This top 10 only showed a selection of the many things you can do with children in France. There is plenty to do and experience with the whole family. What attraction in France made your day with the children unforgettable? Let us know in the comments.

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