A Croatian Jewel: National park Plitvice

December, 4 2018

Meintje (39) and Camiel (44) are real campers. Together they have already visited many countries; first with a tent, then a trailer tent and now with a motorhome. They visit the most charming and beautiful places and share their photos on Instagram. One of their favourite countries is Croatia. During one of their recent trips they visited National Park Plitvice lakes.

A visit to Croatia is not complete without a visit to this amazing park, especially if you enjoy exceptional natural beauty. At least that’s what Camiel and I think! We are, of course, talking about National park Plitvice lakes. Or in Croatian: Plitvička Jezera.

The largest and oldest national park in Croatia

As early as 1949, this miracle of nature was declared the first national park in Croatia. In 1979 this park was also awarded a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With a total area of no less than 300 km2, you can enjoy yourself here all day long. During a visit it is possible to spot 16 lakes and more than 90 waterfalls. The lakes are divided into the Upper Lakes and the Lower Lakes, both of which you can visit in one day. It is a true paradise for nature lovers.

National park Plitvice - Croatia

Walking routes through the park

The park has two entrances, both of which are the starting points for various walking trails. There are many different routes to choose from. They vary from 2 hours to 8 hours in duration, so you can choose yourself depending on how advanced you are or how much you feel like walking. You can also use parts of these different trails to customize your own walk. While hiking through the beautiful countryside you will see many waterfalls and emerald green lakes, each one offering a breathtaking view. And all the routes will lead you past the highlight of the park: the Great Waterfall. An impressive waterfall that you just can’t stop looking at. But the whole park is really a feast for the eyes. We found it very easy to spend a full day in the park, there is so much beauty to see.

If you don’t feel like walking all day you can combine a walk with a boat trip on one of the lakes. Or take a train ride from one side of the park to the other. Both the boat and the train are included in the entrance fee. The boat trip in particular offers a completely different view of the waterfalls.

National park Plitvice - Croatia

Practical tips:

  • Parking: The park has two entrances, both entrances have a large parking area where you can park for 7 Kuna per hour (about £ 0.85). Entrance 1 is the lower part of the park and Entrance 2 is the higher part of the park.
  • Admission: The entrance fees of the park vary between 55 and 180 Kuna (about £ 7 – £ 22). Depending on the season.
  • Opening Hours: The park is open all year round. July and August are very busy. If you have the opportunity to go in the early or late season then that is definitely recommended. If you are going in the summer then we advise you to go early in the day. The park is open from 7 am in the summer, and from 10 am the crowds really start to increase.
  • Preparation: Before you leave for a day out in this park we recommend the following: bring plenty to drink, especially when it is hot. Also make sure you have good walking shoes, in some places it can be unexpectedly slippery.

Campsite near Plitvice

Near the park you will find Camping Korana. A beautiful green campsite with a shop, a bar and a good restaurant. We stayed overnight in a cabin, but they also have spacious green pitches on a sloping terrain with excellent toilet facilities. We stayed here because the campsite is only six kilometers away from Entrance 1 of the park. Ideal!

Autocamp Korana

Meintje en Camiel
  • Author: Meintje en Camiel
  • Meintje and Camiel are real camping enthusiasts. Together they have already visited many countries with a tent, trailer tent and now with a motorhome. They will share their adventures with us!


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