What should you do if you’re affected by hail damage?

August, 11 2017

Last Wednesday, holiday makers to Lake Garda were shocked by a massive hailstorm. Hailstones as big as golf balls fell from the sky. There were no reports of casualties, but the damage caused to cars, caravans, and motorhomes will cost a pretty penny. Is there anything you can do to prevent or limit damage caused by hailstorms? Here are a few tips.

Nothing is as fickle as the weather. You might hope that the sun will shine for your whole holiday, but the weather can always turn, sometimes suddenly. Hailstorms are often very localised, and so are quite difficult to predict. If the sky looks threatening, do check the weather forecast. Code yellow and code red are also used abroad.

Hail damage at the campsite

Campsites obviously don’t have a garage or carport where you can park your car, which you may be used to at home. And for caravans and motorhomes it’s a whole other story.

  • One thing you can do to protect your roof is to tie a sturdy air mattress to the roof your car, caravan or motorhome. The roof is often the most vulnerable part of the vehicle, as is the hood. Tie it tight with a rope or strap, and the roof will get fewer dents.
  • Put all electronics and important documents in a waterproof bag.
  • It sounds obvious, but make sure your family is safe first. People may go outside in the panic, but you really don’t want a hailstone as large as a tennis ball falling on your head. So, take cover somewhere, particularly if you’re camping in a tent. You won’t be the only person waiting it out in the toilet block or at reception.

Hail en route

If you’re en route, try to find a viaduct or other shelter for your car, caravan, or motorhome. It may be necessary to drive on the hard shoulder if you can’t see the road clearly anymore. In any case, it’s best not to set off if hail is forecast.

Has your motorhome, caravan or car been damaged?

Is your car, caravan or motorhome full of dents after a hailstorm? That’s really annoying. The first thing to ask yourself is, can you still get home? Damage to the roof, or other parts of the body can be repaired at home. Of course, if your windscreen is damaged, you’ll need to get that fixed before you head home.

  • You should always call your insurance service centre first. They can put you in touch with local garages who can repair the damage, so you can at least start your journey home safely.
  • Always take photos of the damage immediately after the hailstorm as proof.
  • Check if your insurance covers you for hail damage. Whether or not repairs will be covered depends on the type of cover you have with your insurance company.

Do you have any tips for dealing with hail at the campsite where you were staying?

Have you ever experienced a hailstorm at the campsite where you were staying? If you have other tips, we’d love to hear them!

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