From Dome to Dragon Egg: Unusual Glamping Accommodations

April, 21 2021

Have you ever stayed overnight in a dome, pod, yurt or treehouse? Or do you prefer a private swimming pool or camping raft? The possibilities for luxurious glamping accommodations are very impressive these days. Numerous campsites offer unusual accommodations that have been designed with humour and style. Feel like a ten-year-old in an exciting treehouse or share a stargazing experience with your loved one in a transparent bubble. We introduce you to the most charming, amazing and fun accommodations!

The treehouse of your dreams

The treehouse that you dreamt of as a child: really high and only accessible via a long ladder or a high ropes course. For those who are somewhat less adventurous, Campsite Les Ormes Domaine & Resort in France also offers treehouses with traditional stairs. You do sleep in a comfortable bed. Campsites with treehouses can also be found in the Netherlands: see Campsite Torentjeshoek.

Treehouse Campsite Les Ormes

Adventurous treehouses at Campsite Les Ormes

Campsites with treehouses

Camping like the hobbits do

As we all know, hobbits (the mythic beings from The Lord of the Rings) live in comfortable holes. These half-buried cabins can be found at various campsites. Book a hobbit house at Camp Velebit in the virgin countryside of Croatia or at The Quiet Site Campsite in England. Somewhat closer to home, in the Netherlands, hobbit holes can be found at Kennemer Duincamping Geversduin.

Hobbit houses Kamp Velebit Kroatië

The hobbit houses at Camp Velebit.

Sleeping in a wine barrel

Sleeping in a wine barrel is much like sleeping in a cabin and yet … slightly different. It’s a cosy cabin with a double bed, some living space and a small patio – very suitable for campers who are passing through. Does this seem to be something you would like? Wine-barrel accommodations can be found at Campingpark Heidewald in Germany and Campsite De Cauberg in the Netherlands. The Buytenplaets Suydersee campsite has the same idea using a huge drainpipe!

Wine Barrel Camping Heidewald

Sleep in a wine barrel at Campingpark Heidewald.


Sleep as soundly as a caterpillar in a cocoon. And in the morning, flutter away like a butterfly at the campsite. At the Provinciaal Recreatiedomein Zilvermeer, you can cocoon in a round bed. The cocoons have a cosy living space, and the campsite has toilet facilities available.

Cocooning campsite Zilvermeer

Stylish camping in a yurt at Campsite du Bois de St. Hilaire

Colourful camping in a yurt

A popular form of glamping is staying in a round Mongolian tent: a yurt or ger. These tents are often decorated very photogenically, with a large double bed and colourful furniture and rugs, giving you a wonderfully warm feeling. You can rent a yurt at Campsite Le Plo or Campsite Du Bois de St. Hilaire in France or Campsite de la Semois in Belgium, where many more glamping accommodations can be found.

Yurt Campsite Du Bois de St. Hilaire

Stylish camping in a yurt at Campsite du Bois de St. Hilaire

Campsites with a yurt

Drifting on a raft

You don’t need your own boat to be able to bob up and down on the water at night. You can do this at the campsite as well. Row yourself to your glamping lodge on a raft at the Zilvermeer campsite. It is also possible to set up your own tent on a raft. Campsite De Veenkuil, a countryside campsite, offers this possibility. You can camp here very peacefully by a lake in the Kuinderbos woodlands.

Raft Campsite Zilvermeer

Learn to relax alongside the water at the Zilvermeer campsite.

Stargazing in your camping bubble or dome

Sleeping under the stars: the ultimate feeling of summer. Do so in comfort in a ‘dome’ or ‘bubble’, which is usually an inflatable, partially transparent tent, giving you a good view of the starry heavens. A dome can be rented at Camping des Cerisiers in France or the Buytenplaets Suydersee campsite in the Netherlands.

Bubbel Dome Campsite des Cerisiers Bretagne

Stay overnight in your own camping bubble at Camping des Cerisiers

Campsites with a dome

For those who want to be pampered: a private swimming pool or hot tub

A luxurious caravan with your own private swimming pool: how chic is that! Go to the Esterel Caravaning campsite in the south of France.  Or rent a ‘pod’ at Campsite Bled in Slovenia. A cabin may be slightly less luxurious than a caravan, but it is possible to enjoy your own hot tub under the starry skies.

Hottub Campsite Bled

Enjoy your own hot tub at Campsite Bled

Campsites with a private jacuzzi

It can get even crazier: staying overnight in a dragon’s egg

Spend a fairy-tale night in a dragon’s egg. Why not? The opportunity speaks for itself. Eggs can be found at ‘t Schinkel campsite in the Veluwe.

Dragon egg campsite het Schinkel

Bedtime for all little dragons at ‘t Schinkel campsite.

Camping indoors

Surprise your friends or partner with an overnight stay in a retro caravan at a covered campsite! This is possible at Indoor Camping Outside Inn in Amsterdam or Da Heim in Triberg.

Indoor campsite Outside Inn

Indoor camping at Outside Inn

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  • Author: Marieke Krämer
  • Marieke has been camping since she was a baby. Her family would go camping at some of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marieke loves active holidays surrounded by nature, combined with visits to interesting cities, in areas such as the French Alps, Slovenia, and Scotland.


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