How to find the ideal campsite

December, 12 2017

There are over ten thousand campsites in Europe alone. But how do you make sure you book a pitch at the right campsite? Read on and let us help you in your search for that one campsite where you will have the perfect holiday!

Step 1: The destination

For many people, an important part of being on holiday is not thinking about home. Being in a different environment helps with that a great deal. You don’t have to travel too far for that typical away-from-home feeling. There are many interesting campsites in Wales, for example, or just over the English Channel. Think about the mountains in Snowdonia or Brittany in France. Here you can camp amid the forested rolling hills, waterfalls or enjoy the wonderful coastal shorelines.

The destination

Green mountains, impressive rocks and spectacular waterfalls, our country is beautiful in itself and has a variety of landscapes. Yet just a short distance away, it all looks a little different and you will truly feel that you have been carried away to another country. And keep in mind: the shorter the trip to the campsite the more time you have to enjoy your holiday!

To a large degree, the location you choose will also determine the type of campsites you will find. Popular holiday countries like France have a wide selection. From large campsites with everything you could think of to farm campsites that can only accommodate five caravans and a tent.

In less touristic regions in Wales for example, you have less choice and will encounter mainly smaller campsites. So, decide beforehand if you want a campsite as a base camp to visit cities and natural areas or whether you want to spend your entire holiday at the campsite.

Step 2: Your camping accommodation

Once you have decided where you want to go camping the next logical questions is what will you be camping in? Nowadays, you no longer have to own your own camping accommodation, such as a tent, caravan or motor home. At many large campsites, you can hire almost any type of camping accommodation from a simple tent to a luxury bungalow or mobile home. The latest trend in the world of camping land is Glamping! With this luxury form of camping you combine the best of two worlds: the comfort and luxury of a hotel with the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of camping.

There is a solution for almost any level of comfort and any budget. Camping is more versatile than you might think!


Step 3 + 4: Type of campsite and holiday themes

Families with children would be more likely to pick a campsite where there is plenty to do. These are generally the larger campsites where it is busy and lively all day long. You are less likely to find older couples there.

To stand out from the competition, many campsites focus on a specific type of holiday maker. Think about the typical youth campsites on the beach in sunny realms that attract a different public than a farm campsite in the middle of nowhere. That’s why the type of campsite can also be called the holiday theme. If you are thinking of a specific theme, then a good place to look is on Eurocampings. Here you can select themes such as ‘winter sports campsites’, ‘naturist campsites’ or ‘environmentally-friendly campsites’. By searching for a campsite here you have the best chance of camping among like-minded people.

Step 5: The amenities

The type of campsite often goes hand in hand with the number and type of amenities at the campsite. It is logical that large campsites will have more and extensive amenities. Think about fully equipped gyms, wellness facilities, child care and a campsite pharmacy. On the aforementioned theme page you can easily make a selection based on amenities such as ‘campsites with a leisure pool’ or ‘campsites with an entertainment programme’.

Enjoy your camping holiday!

It is often all about personal wishes when it comes to amenities. Although you do sometimes need to know where you will be going camping. For example, it’s handy to know if your dog will be welcome at the campsite you had in mind. You can also make a selection by whether a certain type of barbecue or extra tent is permitted by filling in your preferences.

With the vast selection of campsites it is highly probable you will find somewhere to camp that suits your wishes. Try it out yourself and fill in your camping preferences in the on the Eurocampings website. Success is guaranteed!

Enjoy your camping holiday!

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  • Author: Jeroen Timmermans
  • From Calais to Cannes, and from Nantes to Nancy: I have definitely done my fair share of exploring in France. With my parents and my brother, I spent weeks at the most beautiful campsites in a trailer tent. Then we travelled around the rest of Europe in a motorhome. Now I love cultural city breaks with my wife. And I particularly love funiculars and cable cars.


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