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May, 25 2020

Would you like to look beyond your backyard or the park around the corner? Through these webcams you can take a look at (wild) animals, on beaches and mountain tops. Get transported to beautiful places and get inspired for your next holiday. Are you crazy about animals? Also then we have selected a few nice live streams for you!

Enjoy a relaxing sea view

Relaxing sea view in Zandvoort.
Would you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from home with a view of the sea? Zandvoort is located in a vast area of dunes in North Holland. It borders the Amsterdam Waterleiding (Waterpipe) Dunes in the south and the National Park Zuid Kennemerland in the north. On this webcam you can experience that nice beach feeling and get in the mood for your next holiday by the sea.

Polar bear twins in close-up

Polar bear with her two cubs.
Last November a polar bear with the name Freedom had twins in Dutch Zoo Ouwehands Dierenpark. In mid-March, the young polar bears where allowed to enter the outdoor enclosure with their mother for the first time. There you can now see them every day on the webcam. What is especially nice is that the camera allows for close-up. This gives you a good view of the little polar bears! The live stream is supplemented with highlights from the last few weeks, so it never gets boring and you can see exactly how the twins are developing. Would you like to go to Gelderland or Utrecht for a camping holiday? Then you can visit the polar bear twins on your next trip to the zoo.

Enjoy the German side of the Baltic Sea

View of the German side of the Baltic Sea.
Via Ostseelive.tv you can watch the different places and beaches on the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) in Germany. From Flensburg and Grömitz all the way to Stralsund. This way you are fully prepared for your next camping holiday to the Ostsee. The sea breeze and the sound of the waves are the only things you’ll miss on the live stream, but you can almost hear these soothing sounds by just enjoying the view!

In the stork’s nest of Erna and Fiete

Storks look out from their nest.
Have you ever seen a stork this close? Maybe you are a holidaymaker who always keeps his eyes open for such natural beauty. And if not, today is your chance! On April 6th the storks Erna and Fiete returned from their wintering in the south to their nest in Hamburg (Northern Germany). First Fiete reached the nest, soon followed by Erna. You can watch the storks – and hopefully soon their offspring – live on webcam. And who knows you can see them during your next holiday in Hamburg.

The snow leopards of the Neunkirchen Zoo are expecting a young one!

The residence of the snow leopards of the Neunkirch Zoo.
A little further south from Hamburg live Lisia and Sagar. These snow leopards are expecting a young one and can be found at the Neunkirchen Zoo near Homburg in Saarland. Together with the Zoo and the NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) you can keep an eye on whether the young have already been born. The three installed cameras show both the outside enclosure and the whelping box for the delivery. Perhaps you can meet the snow leopards for real during your next stay or camping holiday in the Saarland.

Did you spot the animals in Blijdorp Zoo?

The residence of the okapi in Blijdorp Zoo.
Can you find the okapi in the videos? Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam has installed a number of webcams with which you can see the okapi and lots of other inhabitants of Blijdorp Zoo. You can see lions, vultures, okapis, elephants and even rhinos! Because the cameras run all day long, you can see how the caretakers take care of the animals. This really gives you a glimpse into the daily life of the Zoo.

Live panoramic view from the Zugspitze

View from the Zugspitze.
Are you longing for the mountains and looking for inspiration for your next active holiday? Then enjoy the panoramic view from the highst mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. You can discover the surroundings of the Zugspitze live with one of the three panoramic cameras or webcams. And who knows, maybe next time you will be standing in the same spot between the mountains, enjoying not only the view, but also the feel of the wind and the sun on your skin.

A quaint port in the south of England

A quaint port in the south of England.
The landscape around Dorset in the southwest of England is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. Rough chalk cliffs, limestone cliffs and quaint fishing villages await you near the narrow strait between England and France. You can see everything that happens on this part of the coast on the webcam. Do you already feel like lazing on the beach?

More animals: Barn owl chicks in England

Two barn owls in their nest in Dorset (southern England).
Since a couple of months a couple of barn owls have a nest near Dorset in the South of England. After the winter the Dorset Wildlife Trust hoped for offspring again. And indeed: the female has laid five eggs. You can watch the hatching of the pair live on webcam. By now four of the five eggs have hatched. Hopefully we will soon see the hatching of the fifth egg and we can enjoy seeing all the chicks grow up! Turn on the sound and listen to the singing of the birds in the background and the sounds from the nest. Here you can see the barn owls in their nest.

Livestream from the beach in Portugal

View over the beach of Lagos (Portugal).
Do you want to travel a little further away? Then watch the live stream from Lagos, Portugal. Portugal is very popular as a holiday and camping country and attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year. Follow Portugal’s long coastline from the Costa Verde to the most beautiful natural areas of the Algarve. In Lagos and the surrounding area you will find many beautiful campsites for your next holiday. Here you will already get a virtual taste of your next day on the beach in the Mediterranean sun.

Do you know other nice webcams that bring us closer to animals, attractions and places? Let us know below!

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