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October, 19 2017

The new ACSI Camping Tours website has been launched! On this fresh new website, it’s now even easier to find your perfect camping tour, as we’ve improved and expanded the search function. On, you can choose from 7 unique camping tours, including 4 new tours to France, Sicily – Malta, Czech Republic – Poland, and The Pinnacles of Europe.

Quickly find your perfect camping tour

We’ve created a new search function on, with multiple filters which make it easy to find the right holiday for you. It’s not just possible to search by country, departure month and duration, but also by specific excursions. Are you interested in a hiking trip, an adventurous day out, or a trip by train or boat? If so, you can simply select one! Are you looking for a holiday where you can bring your pet with you? Then search for an ACSI Camping Tour where pets are allowed. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our new website!

Camping tour – highlights

Sicily and Malta
A unique chance to discover a large part of Italy, and to have a 2-day trip to the island of Malta. You’ll drive your caravan or motorhome along the colourful Amalfi coast, towards eclectic Sicily. On the way, you’ll discover the historic ruins of Pompeii, and then, to top it off, once you’re on Sicily, we’ll take you to the top of Mount Etna with a Volcano Tour. During your 2-day trip to Malta we’ll visit the city of Valletta with its spectacular cathedral, the medieval town of Mdina, and we’ll go on a boat tour of the Blue Grotto. Read more.

Czech Republic and Poland
This is the perfect tour if you want to combine culture and nature. The tour starts in Prague, the Golden City, where you’ll have plenty of time to discover the ancient centre of this historic city. From Prague, you’ll travel on to Poland. You’ll visit the eclectic cities of Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław. We’ll discover the beautiful countryside with a raft trip down the Dunajec, and take a cable car to the top of Kasprowy Wierch to enjoy the spectacular vistas. We’ll also take time to reflect on the atrocities at Auschwitz. Read more.

Want to know more?

If you interested in finding out more about our (new) camping tours, visit the website at or order the brochure.

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  • Author: Lucia Velthuis
  • Lucia started camping with her parents when she was just a little kid. Nowadays she still goes camping, but now with her boyfriend. She loves the outdoors, the friendliness of campers and just exploring every bit of Europe with a tent. Going on city trips is also a thing Lucia loves to do! Her favourite destinations are United Kingdom, Spain and Iceland.


  1. I want to travel Europe by staying in your campsites. I have a doubt should I need to carry my own tent or will you provide me.

    Explain also rent to stay without carrying my own tent.

    • Hi Sriram,
      Please choose for the option ‘Advanced search’ on and select ‘Available to hire at the campsite’ or have a look at We hope you will find a perfect campsite!


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