This is the motorhome of the future!

May, 29 2018

For years, people have used motorhomes to drive to all sorts of beautiful places and spend the night, experiencing ultimate freedom. But it wasn’t very environmentally friendly. These days there are hybrid motorhomes, but we can do better than that, can’t we? There might well be change on the way. In New Zealand, they’re currently testing an electric motorhome!

We recently covered the news that Dethleffs had introduced a test model of an electric motorhome, which they called the e.Home. But it can’t be compared to the motorhome currently being tested by New Zealand-based motorhome rental company Jucy. The Nissan e-NV200 is already at such an advanced stage of development that Jucy thinks that they will have several e-motorhomes available for rental within 18 months.

Features of the Nissan e-NV200

Here are a few highlights of this first electric motorhome:

  • 24kW battery and can cover 100 kilometres on a single charge
  • Battery charged in 20 minutes
  • It has a roof tent for two people to spend the night
  • Includes a small kitchen with storage space

I can hear you thinking: “I can only drive a hundred kilometres before I have to recharge my battery? That’s not very far at all.” You’re right, and Nissan and Jucy think so too. Nissan has confirmed that they will be introducing a 40kW battery later this year. Then the motorhome will be able to cover 200 kilometres on a single charge.

Road trips the environmentally friendly way

To ensure that this motorhome is comfortable enough for you to drive around in it for a few weeks, it’s important to make sure that the motorhome is fully tested. Jucy was able to find two French ladies willing to try the road trip of the future. You can see how they get on here:

So, if you’re planning on a motorhome holiday in a couple of years, chances are, you’ll be able to rent an electric motorhome. We’ll keep a close eye on developments, and we’re sure you will too.

  • Author: Lucia Velthuis
  • Lucia started camping with her parents when she was just a little kid. Nowadays she still goes camping, but now with her boyfriend. She loves the outdoors, the friendliness of campers and just exploring every bit of Europe with a tent. Going on city trips is also a thing Lucia loves to do! Her favourite destinations are United Kingdom, Spain and Iceland.


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