How to camp with teenagers

March, 31 2022

Whereas young children are willing to go to the campsite that you have picked and meets your wishes, camping with teenagers can be a little different. Adolescents have their own desires and opinions. How do you ensure that the whole family will be happy at your next camping holiday?

Teenagers want to be able to do their own thing at a campsite, fun activities, meet others their own age and WiFi, for example. At the campsite, they can undertake things independently in safe surroundings, which is great! We have made a list with some tips that will make it that bit easier when picking a campsite.

All make a list of your top five campsites

Step one is of course deciding where you want to go. You may already have a type of campsite in mind or perhaps only the country. But your teenager will also have their own ideas about how they want to spend their camping holiday. If you really want to know what your teenager wants above all, try the top five model.

Agree that you will all choose your five favourite campsites within a week, for example in a certain country or region. Put them next to each other and each one of you indicate why you chose those specific campsites. Your wishes may coincide, and you can find a compromise.

Camping with teenagers

The best friendships start in the swimming pool

If it’s hard to find common ground, each of you make a list of the top five amenities you find important and pick a campsite that has at least one amenity that is important to each person. You may want to take long walks, your teenage son wants a large swimming pool, your teenage daughter wants an entertainment team, and your youngest child wants a large playground. You can also reduce the choices a little by setting the country, the camping equipment or type of accommodation or the budget.

Camping with peers

It goes without saying that a campsite mainly suited to toddlers is no fun for a teenager. That makes sense! But how do you know for certain whether the campsite’s target group fits your family so also your teenager? On the Eurocampings website, you can find lots of information about the campsite in the text next to the photo.

Furthermore, you can read reviews and find out what other campers with children of the same age thought about the campsite. You can also use filters when searching. Select what you would like to see at the campsite, such as a disco, entertainment or leisure pool, and you will see the campsites suitable for your family! You can of course also check out the campsite’s Instagram account or Facebook page, which often gives you a good impression of the atmosphere and all the things the campsite organises.

What can you do at a teenage campsite?

In the evening, roasting marshmallows over a campfire with your first holiday romance, chilling with new friends at the hangout spot or dancing at a beach party by that one campsite by the sea. There are campsites that organise all kinds of things for teenagers. They often set up sports tournaments, you can find spectacular water slides in the leisure pool, and they have dance workshops or boot camps. More traditional activities such as pool and campsite discos are still popular amenities among adolescent campsite visitors.


Fun together around the campfire

At home, there is a big chance that you will have heard the question ‘Does the campsite have WiFi?’ Good news: many campsites have (free) WiFi points nowadays or WiFi coverage at most of the campsite! You can also search specifically by campsites with WiFi.

Out and about together

If you like go on outings during your holiday, pick a campsite in a region that has any interesting outings that match your teenager’s interests. Throughout Europe you can find wonderful natural landscapes and national parks where you can join in with hundreds of active days out such as horse riding, climbing, mountain biking and canoeing or standup paddleboarding. If you like amusement parks, go camping in the vicinity of a park with one of Europe’s coolest rollercoasters. And for any teenager who loves shopping or culture, a city break from the campsite is highly recommended.

A place just for teenagers

While camping, you stay in and around the same area day and night. You and your family may be together more than when at home and that can cause minor irritations. If you book a camping pitch or accommodation, check the campsite information to see whether they allow an extra side tent, where your children can spend the night. It will give them a feeling of independence and everyone will have their own space to retreat to and relax.

Great campsites for teenagers

If you have experience of camping with teenagers, I would love to hear your tips! Leave them below.

  • Author: Laura Mestrum
  • I have loved camping since I was a child. With my family in a tent in France or Croatia when I was younger, and now – in all shapes and sizes – at home, around Europe and on the other side of the world. I am an outdoor person, sitting still is not for me. When I return to a campsite after a long walk or a day out, I often go for a game of badminton, boules or table tennis.


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