A Croatian Jewel: National park Plitvice

on 4 Dec 2018

Meintje (39) and Camiel (44) are real campers. Together they have already visited many countries; first with a tent, then a trailer tent and now with a motorhome. They visit the most charming and beautiful places and share their photos on Instagram. One of their favourite countries is Croatia. During one of their recent trips they visited National Park Plitvice lakes.

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Camping near to the most beautiful waterfalls

on 25 Nov 2017

On World Waterfall Day, we’re taking a moment to reflect on this natural wonder. The water that flows from a great height, the fog and the mist this causes, and of course the loud splashing sound it makes when it reaches the bottom: there’s something magical about waterfalls. We often associate waterfalls with faraway places and tropical destinations. This is of course partly true, but did you know that there are plenty of...

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10 destinations with a remarkable history (part 1)

on 31 Oct 2017

Many destinations in Europe have a remarkable history. Places that have become the stage for important cultural and political events. We have drawn up a list of 10 of these destinations, all with great campsites nearby so you can enjoy a camping holiday with a healthy dose of culture and history! The first part comes this week, the second part will be available in a week or two. 1. Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (France) This castle, located slightly...

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Camping in Croatia; sun, sea, beach and nature

on 11 Oct 2017

A camping holiday in Croatia is a real adventure. You can enjoy lively resorts and rocky bays dotted with small islands in hospitable Croatia. And all this by the deep blue sea. You can while away the time in idyllic small towns and on mountain peaks or marvel at the beautiful countryside. Croatia has something for everyone. The Croatian coast Let’s start at the beautiful Croatian coast which is where you will find most of the campsites. Lovely...

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