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April, 21 2020

Now that many holidays have to be cancelled because of coronavirus, it becomes a lot harder to get your dose of art and culture. Fortunately, museums all over the world are glad to help you out with all kinds of virtual tours! We have listed 7 interesting museum tours that you can easily do from the comfort of your own home. So you can enjoy the beauty and splendour of museums both domestically and abroad in your easy chair. Ready to get started?

1. Keukenhof – Lisse (Netherlands)

The Keukenhof is a large flower park in the Netherlands that attracts more than a million visitors every year. It traditionally opens its doors in spring, after which it only remains open for a few weeks. During this time, the carefully landscaped flower fields are transformed into a colourful world. After the long winter months, the Keukenhof is the perfect place to enjoy the first sunny days.

This year, too, the Keukenhof welcomes spring in all its beauty. And you can enjoy it at home! Videos are regularly uploaded in which you can admire the many crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and lilies. Unfortunately, you can’t smell the fragrances this year.

De kleurrijke Keukenhof in volle glorie.

The colourful Keukenhof is a feast for the eyes.

2. Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a museum dedicated to art, artcrafts and history. Every year about 2.2 million people come to admire the many famous works of art. To accommodate this large group of art lovers, there is now a virtual platform where you can stare at works such as Rembrandt’s ‘De Nachtwacht’ (The Night Watch) and Vermeer’s ‘Het Melkmeisje’ (The Milkmaid). If you wander through the museum digitally, you will also notice how beautiful the building is. The colourful vaults and the stained glass are a work of art in themselves!

When it is allowed to visit Amsterdam again, you’ll see how beautiful the Rijksmuseum really is. Before visiting the capital, read the blog post from our editor Marieke. She has a list with all kinds of things to see in Amsterdam for you.

Het uitzicht vanaf het Museumsplein op het indrukwekkende Rijksmuseum.

The view from the Museumplein on the impressive Rijksmuseum.

3. Louvre – Paris (France)

The Louvre is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It is located in the former residence of the French royal family. The Louvre could not stay behind either and has created a site that allows a virtual visit. And that’s ideal, because with a real visit you often have to take into account that there’ll be long queues at the entrance.

Verlicht in de nacht, lijkt het Louvre bijna een beetje mysterieus.

With the night lighting, the Louvre almost seems a bit mysterious.

4. Deutsches Museum – München (Germany)

The Deutsches Museum  in Munich is called the “Deutsches Museum of Masterpieces of Natural Science and Technology”. This probably gives you an idea of what you can see there. The building is the largest science and technology museum in the world, with around 28,000 objects. Follow interesting virtual tours including shipping, aviation and space travel. You can even listen to an audio guide on your quest through the museum.

Das Deutsche Museum in München.

The Deutsche Museum in Munich houses an enormous collection.

5. Guggenheim – New York (United States)

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a museum of modern art. It was founded in 1939 in New York City. The focus is on abstract art, but the collections also contain many other works. Marvel at paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Appel. The most important works can now be admired online, with the audio guide giving you pleasant background information.

De skyline van New York City, met het Guggenheim Museum rechts van het midden (het witte gebouw).

The skyline of New York City, with the Guggenheim Museum to the right of the centre (the white building).

6. Albertina – Vienna (Austria)

The Albertina is an art museum right in the centre of Vienna. The museum was founded in 1776 by Albert Casimir Duke of Saxe-Teschen. Various collections are exhibited in the historic building. Not only painting, but also photography, architecture and sculpture. Some of the artists in the current exhibitions are Van Gogh, Monet and Warhol. So now you can enjoy them online.

A number of the exhibitions can be viewed in a very special way. By using augmented reality, the works really come to life. All you need is a computer and a smartphone. Download the free app ‘Artviv’ and start right away!

Het imposante gebouw van het Palais Erzherzog Albrecht in het 1e district van het centrum van Wenen.

The imposing building where the Albertina Museum is located, right in the centre of Vienna.

7. Ozeaneum – Stralsund (Germany)

Ozeaneum is a natural history museum with a focus on oceanography. You can find the museum in the North-German Hanze city of Stralsund. The museum is divided into three areas: The Ocean Museum, the Ozeaneum and the Natureum. In the Ocean Museum you can now make a virtual tour to see the many wonders of the sea directly from home.

Het indrukwekkende Ozeaneum in de haven van Stralsund.

The impressive Ozeaneum in the harbour of Stralsund.

More art

The virtual tours of national and international museums and art foundations are coming up quickly. You can also visit the website of the Gardens of Monet, the Van Gogh Museum, the Castle of Versailles and the Vatican Museum for an online visit. Have fun!

  • Author: Helena Flassak
  • From an early age on Helena went camping in France together with her family, which was always a new adventure. But the real wanderlust overcame her when she travelled through parts of Australia in a van. Since then, she plans smaller and bigger trips with family and friends as often as possible. She loves to spend her holidays in nature and would love to explore parts of Africa in the coming years.


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