Five camping games you can play in the dark

April, 21 2020

When you go camping, you can choose a large campsite with a swimming pool and an animation team. But maybe you want to go all the way back to nature and choose to camp with your tent on a small campsite with only the necessary facilities. So what are fun activities with few resources for your children to do?


On a small campsite, in nature, you can see the stars much better than at home, especially if you live in the city. Teach your children to search for constellations such as the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor. If you can’t find them, just make up your own constellations.

Sterren kijken

On a campsite in the middle of nature you can see fantastic stars!

Hand shadows

If you make a light in the tent, you can make shadows on the canvas with your hands. Make up a story with the shadows or have a contest and see who can make up the most figures.

Handschaduw spel

Do you know how to make a wolf with your hands?

Making a campfire

There are campsites where it is possible to make a campfire at a central site. After building the campfire together, you roast marshmallows, sing songs, tell stories or play games like: ‘I’m going on a trip and I’m taking along’.


Cosy evening at the campfire

Clap your hands

All players are in a circle. One player claps his hands once, the player to his right does the same and so on. When a player claps his hands twice in a row, the direction changes. Now the left neighbour has to clap. The faster you clap, the harder this game gets.


Play clap your hands.

The island without you and I

The game leader explains that somewhere far away there is ‘The Island without You and I’. There’s something strange about this island. There are clocks, although there is no time. There is no campsite, but we can still camp. during the day it’s warm and pleasant even though there is no sun. The players will have to solve this mystery. The solution is that in ‘The Island without You and I’, there are no things which contain the letters ‘u’ and ‘i’.


Solving riddles on a beautiful evening at the campsite.

Have you finished making up your own game? On campsites with entertainment, a whole team is ready to provide entertainment for you.

What is your favorite game in the evening?

Marieke Krämer
  • Author: Marieke Krämer
  • Marieke has been camping since she was a baby. Her family would go camping at some of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marieke loves active holidays surrounded by nature, combined with visits to interesting cities, in areas such as the French Alps, Slovenia, and Scotland.


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