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May, 9 2018

Since we started this blog, we have written almost one hundred articles. Original camping destinations, tips and tricks, travel stories and the latest news; what haven’t we covered over the years? All to keep campers informed. With the camping season just around the corner, here are five articles we have previously published which will help you prepare even better for your holiday.

Special destinations

At the beginning of this year, Anouk came up with an extensive list of surprising destinations across Europe. In her article, she takes you with her to all sorts of beautiful places all over Europe – from the north (Norway), to the east (Hungary, Slovenia), to the south (Spain, Italy) and to the west (France, England). With tips for cultural things to do and activities in the countryside, the article is full of inspiration for every camper.

Original camping destinations

Stay safe on holiday

Lucia wrote about this in November last year: how crooks target you on holiday. She tells you about the different ways that crooks can target you on holiday, and of course how to avoid becoming their next victim. Did you know for example, that having a photo taken with a street artist might not be as innocent as it seems? Make sure you go on holiday well prepared and with safety in mind this summer by reading Lucia’s tips.

Make sure you go on holiday well prepared

Don’t get frustrated!

Anyone who’s spent time on a campsite will have some: camping frustrations. Anouk lists eight of them. They’re all so recognisable. From grass that’s too long to power cabinets that are just that little bit too far away. And why is the gas bottle always empty at the worst possible time? The article got many people to respond with their own camping frustrations, but also with some very funny stories. But by reading about them before you go on holiday, maybe you can ensure that they don’t happen to you!

Camping frustrations

Insurance on holiday

In January, Bram gave you lots of information about insuring your camping gear. Perhaps you’ve already done that, but it probably isn’t obvious that taking out holiday insurance in equally as important if you’re going camping. That this is really important should become clear from the situations given in this article. We all know that small mistakes can have big consequences, and the theft of expensive items unfortunately still happens all too often – so the tips in this article are useful for everyone.

We all know that small mistakes can have big consequences

The perfect campsite

The last article I want to bring to your attention is an article I wrote myself about finding the perfect campsite. I let you in on all the little secrets for finding your perfect campsite. It’s not just the destination that’s important, but also the type of campsite and what amenities it has. You can easily list all your camping preferences using the extensive search function on Eurocampings.

The perfect campsite

 Your favorite article(s)

Which blog article(s) did you find the most interesting? Don’t forget to let us know what you want to read about in the future.

  • Author: Jeroen Timmermans
  • From Calais to Cannes, and from Nantes to Nancy: I have definitely done my fair share of exploring in France. With my parents and my brother, I spent weeks at the most beautiful campsites in a trailer tent. Then we travelled around the rest of Europe in a motorhome. Now I love cultural city breaks with my wife. And I particularly love funiculars and cable cars.


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