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April, 10 2018

When you get married, you obviously want the big day to be as personal as it can be. And nothing sets the tone of your wedding more than the location. As a serious camping fan, there’s no better place to start your life together than, you guessed it, at a campsite! Campsite weddings have been growing in popularity for years, because it’s unique and original, not the same old same old.

Every little girl dreams about what her wedding will look like: a princess-style ball gown, a coach pulled by glistening horses, and a huge, beautiful cake. That’s just about what my childhood dream looked like. These days, my perspective has changed a bit, and my dreams are more centred on a stylish wedding in a beautiful outdoor location, complete with lanterns, fire pits, long tables where friends and family can sit down to an amazing meal, guitar music, and a dance floor that’s full of bare feet until the wee hours.

Why get married at a campsite?

For an unforgettable campsite wedding. There are plenty of reasons to get married at a campsite, and I’m more than happy to let you in on a few.

1. Countless fairytale locations

There are so many beautiful campsites out there. There may even be one close to you. Or maybe you want to look for a spot in your favourite province. Would you prefer the seaside or a tranquil, romantic spot tucked away in the woods? The possibilities are endless, because campsite weddings are never boilerplate affairs. So pick your location and talk to the managers about what you’re looking for. For them, it’s often an honour that you’re interested in having such a unique wedding at their campsite, and they’re happy to dream and plan with you! Keep in mind that there are no standard packages. That means that a campsite will give you love birds all the space you need to make your day what you want it to be.

Look for a campsite that matches your vibe. Start with this question: are you right for this campsite, and is this campsite right for you? The surroundings should also appeal to you. And how many guests you have will, of course, also play a role in which location you choose.


Getting married at a foreign campsite

There are bound to be plenty of unique locations near where you live, and perhaps that is the most practical option when it comes to travel for your guests. But if you’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding, a campsite across the border can be a great option. Maybe that’s a campsite in sunny France. If that’s the way you choose to go, make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules of whatever country you’re getting married in. Or even hire a wedding planner, because they have the right local contacts and they speak the language!

Celebrate in the open air

2. Indoor and outdoor location in one

Couples that have campsite weddings obviously love camping, and the active outdoor life that comes along with it. So that means that a campsite wedding will usually be held in the spring or summer if your dream location is anywhere in Europe. Hopefully, you can celebrate in the open air on a sultry summer evening. But be realistic and keep in mind that thunderstorms do happen. Fortunately, many campsites offer covered locations, perhaps a common area with a living-room vibe, a cosy canteen or you may be able to set up a marquee. That way you have a good back-up. Maybe you’d rather use several areas of the campsite for the ceremony, dinner, and reception. That’s a big plus of campsite weddings, there are so many possibilities! Talk to the campsite you have in mind about what you want. Are you looking to rent out just one area or would you rather transform the entire mini campsite into your own world for a day or two? If there are other (inquisitive) guests on the campsite, you can be sure of some onlookers. It’ll also be special for them to see you walking around in something other than an everyday camping outfit.


3. No requirements, tons of possibilities

Freedom is another hallmark of camping. And that’s what makes both a campsite wedding and planning it so much fun. At other locations, choices about atmosphere or layout are often already made for you. At a campsite, you can set the wedding up the way you want it. Let your creativity and imagination flow!

Cosy, chic, or back to nature?

At a campsite, everything is casual and less rigid. Where some may think it’s a bit on the primitive side, that couldn’t be further from the truth. How about a festival vibe or a bohemian wedding? With stylish decor like gorgeous lanterns, fire pits, retro sofas, beanbags and chaise lounges, and beautiful rugs, you can create a stunning atmosphere.
The culinary possibilities are also endless at a campsite. Of course there’s always the fun barbecue option, but how about getting in different food trucks to feed your guests? Or have dinner with your guests in the campsite restaurant. And then? Depending on the ground at the campsite, it may be a good idea to put down a wooden dance floor. The campsite owner will thank you for that, because dancing heels can easily ruin good grass. Or ladies, why not trade your fancy shoes for ‘camping shoes’ like practical flats or hit the dance floor in your bare feet?

Camper wedding

4. We don’t have to go home

A campsite isn’t just the perfect daytime location for your big day. What better, cosier, and more economical place for all of your guests to stay the night than at the wedding location itself? It’s right next door and there’s no hassle with taxis or designated drivers. Everyone can enjoy the evening up to the last round around the campfire and then stay the night together. After enjoying breakfast together, everyone can head home when they’re ready. And who knows? Maybe you’ll start your honeymoon in style and spend a few extra nights camping as newlyweds. Pitch a few tents the day before, park your campers, caravans, or pop-ups, or even rent pre-set tents or mobile homes that are already at the campsite.

Stay the night at the wedding location itself!

Rules for a campsite wedding

Want to have your dream wedding at a campsite? Then make sure to familiarise yourself with the rules well in advance if your official wedding is going to happen at the campsite, too. Check to see if the campsite is registered as an official wedding location. You can find that information at the municipality. ‘Your’ campsite may not be registered. But fortunately there are always options. Ask the municipality where the campsite is located about what options are available.

Hold part of your wedding at the campsite
Was a permit not an option? With a little creativity you can still start your married life together at a campsite. You could have the official wedding ahead of time, then head to the campsite for the dinner and reception. In short, don’t let the rules keep you from truly enjoying your wedding planning, even the more administrative parts!


Inspiration for bride and groom

Do you love camping and can you see yourself becoming man and wife at a campsite? These campsites are experienced when it comes to wedding planning:

Have you been to a campsite wedding before? Let us know what it was like and where you celebrated that wedding.

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