10 surprising camping destinations

on 30 Jan 2018

Looking for a new holiday destination this year? Fantastic! We all have a list of countries or regions we’ve thought would make for a great camping holiday. The possibility of finding a totally different, maybe even surprising destination – one that’s less well known and perhaps not the first place you might think of. Here are 10 ideas that will give you some inspiration as you consider where next to go camping. Ariège In...

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campsite guide

ACSI campsite guides: which one should I choose?

on 29 Jan 2018

Dutch campsite specialist ACSI is publishing a second English title in 2018: ACSI Campsite Guide, which includes more than 2,300 specially selected campsites. This also gives the English-speaking camper another choice: to opt for the tried and trusted CampingCard ACSI, or to go travelling in 2018 with this new travel guide? It seems a difficult choice, as the price of both books is the same and both books include a discount card for discounted...

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Is your camping gear properly insured?

on 25 Jan 2018

I’m going away and I’m taking … a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, camera, smartphone and camping stove. Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, your camping gear probably cost a considerable sum. It’s best not to dwell on it, but everything you take with you could in fact be damaged or stolen. And that’s where proper insurance for your camping gear comes in extremely handy. Do you know if you or your camping gear are properly...

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8 irritating things about camping (because yes, occasionally there are some!)

on 22 Jan 2018

Over the years, campers have plenty of experiences. Mostly they have wonderful unforgettable memories from staying at lovely campsites. But every now and again there are things that make you think: I wish that could be different. Everyone who camps recognises this feeling. However much you love camping, we all come across situations that are a little annoying now and then. Luckily it never gets to the stage where we lose our sense of humour! On...

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What’s the best way to sell your caravan?

on 16 Jan 2018

Are you ready to sell your caravan, but not sure about what that involves and how to go about it? We have a few tips you can use when selling your caravan, whether you do so individually or through a caravan company. Before you put your caravan up for sale, it’s a good idea to follow a number of steps to make sure your caravan looks as good as new, so that people who see it will get a good first impression. Tidy is best: Make sure that...

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Campsite reviews matter

on 2 Jan 2018

Did you know that between 60% and 90% of consumers (the percentages differ per study) first read online reviews before booking a trip or holiday destination? This includes people who are looking for the right campsite to have a comfortable camping holiday. We are aware of this at Eurocampings.eu, and that is why we have made it even easier to read other camping lovers’ reviews. On Eurocampings.eu, it has been possible to read reviews of more...

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