A comfortable night’s sleep on your holiday

on 10 Nov 2017

A bad night’s sleep? Waking up with back pain? These are some of the biggest myths about camping these days. There are now plenty of ways to improve the comfort of your night’s sleep on holiday. Whether you’re camping with a caravan, motorhome, or tent, there’s sure to be a solution for you! Find a comfortable mattress or airbed that fits your needs, and you can go camping assured that you will have a great night’s...

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Don’t give scammers the opportunity to spoil your holiday!

on 10 Nov 2017

Camping is fun and relaxing, and campsites often take on a very friendly atmosphere. But, just like at home, you have to be very careful what you do while on holiday. You have no doubt heard the horror stories about scammers abroad, maybe you have seen TV programmes about them. And, like everyone else, you’ll have thought “that will never happen to me”. It’s quite unlikely that you will be bothered by a scammer while...

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Purchasing a motorhome or caravan: what does it cost?

on 7 Nov 2017

Is owning your own motorhome or caravan something for you, do you think? It’s wonderful to have the freedom that having your own camping vehicle gives you. But of course, buying your own vehicle is no small thing. As well as the purchase cost, you’ll also have to deal with some recurring costs. And they also differ between a motorhome and a caravan. This overview will give you an idea of what to expect if you want to buy your own...

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How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning at the campsite

on 6 Nov 2017

It’s not something you hear about often, but people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning in Europe is still too common. Unfortunately, it’s something I read about in the news almost every year – campers who have become unwell from carbon monoxide poisoning in a caravan, motorhome, or sometimes even in a tent. Luckily, there’s lots you can do to minimise the risk of poisoning, with good maintenance, vigilance, and...

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camping with your baby

5 things that suddenly change when you start camping with your baby

on 3 Nov 2017

Camping is amazing, we already knew that! And when a new member of the family starts joining your holidays, it’s still fun to camp with the whole family. But you’ll need to make a few adjustments to make sure camping with your baby is a good experience. We’ve put together a list of the five key points to help you be a bit more prepared: 1. Your travel planning You’ll notice that things are different than they used to be,...

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10 destinations with a remarkable history (part 1)

on 31 Oct 2017

Many destinations in Europe have a remarkable history. Places that have become the stage for important cultural and political events. We have drawn up a list of 10 of these destinations, all with great campsites nearby so you can enjoy a camping holiday with a healthy dose of culture and history! The first part comes this week, the second part will be available in a week or two. 1. Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (France) This castle, located slightly...

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